Good news for us today...

Hi ladies

Just another little update. No need to reply just wanted to let you'll know.

We had a consultant appt today to follow up on how our scan was & to see how bambino is.

I am so pleased that the consultant is really happy with our progress & feels that we are no longer classed as being any higher risk than any other woman of miscarriage of prem labour with this pg given our history.

Im still under cons care & will be for the whole pg but I dont need to see them again till im 31wks unless MW or myself have any concerns.

She had a feel of bump & said it's a lovely size & very soft LOL (wanted to know i've been using on it) we also had a listen to bambino's hb which was great.

I feel so happy & blessed to be here, I cant help but glance at my bump if im passing anything that will show my reflection LOL & smile proudly to myself!!

Just wanted to share some of my excitement xxx


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