Third time not so lucky

Hi everyone.

I am not sure if any of you have read my previous posts but i am now 20 and have alreay had 2 mc. but i started bleeding monday and had to go in fir an early scan tuesday meant to be 11 weeks but when was there the baby had died at 8weeks and i was having a missed miscarriage. This will be the third one with the same partner so thre only positive thing is that they are going to start testing.

But even worse i had to go for eprc on my birthday to have it all removed and we had to get there at half 7 in the morning and i didn't go up until half 11 and didn't get out until half one and felt terrible, it was such a horrible day and i can't belive it has happened again we had to spend the rest of my bday at the hospital until half 6. I am just so glad i had my oh there because he was great and looked after me better then the nurses did, i am so lucky to have him.

Sorry about the long story but i just hasn't sunk in yet and it is nice to talk to people because i think tomorrow it will be when it hits me and i will realised i have lost another little one. Thanks for listening.


  • Hi Beenie,

    So sorry to read your post, it must be a terrible time and awful way to spend your birthday. I hope you get some comfort from having some testing, take care of yourself.

    Inka xx
  • sweetie i'm so sorry to hear ur bad news!!! life can be crappy like that!!! i had 2 mmc and a chemical preg last yr, it's really heartbreaking!!! sending millions of ((((HUGS)))) ur way, hopefully will see u here again soon
  • hi Beanie07, im so sorry to hear your news, i can only imagine how you must be feeling. I have had a MC recently and it was my first (hopefully last as well!) and that in itself was distressing.
    Im glad that your OH was able to be there for you. Not that you have asked for any advice, but I would say take the time to really wallow in misery and process what has happened. At least then, you can move on and start your testing. I hope they are able to find out why you have had these MC's.

    hugs and best wishes to you and your OH
  • Thanks so much for all replies,it really means alot.

    Been to the doctors today and we can't start rying again until atleast three months and also we want to wait until the test results. But stil put me in a down mood, think that it is sinking in today but me and my oh are going to plan a holiday tonight something to look forward to and really positive thing to do as the next few months are gloing to be quite hard.

    But thanks to all the support that i have recieved and i wish you all the best. xxxx
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