Lovely heartbeat

Hi everyone, I posted earlier in the week as I have been experiencing brown spotting after having a mc in oct last year. Went for my early scan today and its little heart it beating ten to the dozen!:\)

I can't beliefve it, I was convinced that I was having another mc, i'd already decided I wasn't going to have the ERPC and I was even googling recurrent miscarriages!

They dated me at 6 weeks so I know i'm not out of the woods yet and I am just going to try and take one day at a time but this is definately good news and they said there was nothing wrong with the size of everything

Thank you to everyone who replied to my last post and reasured me. It really, really helped.



  • thats great news! i had an early scan last week and saw the heartbeat! thought i was 7+2 but was 6+4 i went due to a bleed and a mmc i had in sept. had another little bleed today but they wont scan me agian so i just got to hope everything is ok!

    good luck!

    ashy 8+1 or 7+4
  • Thanks Ashy sounds like we've been through the same nightmare. I'm still spotting slightly as well but the nurse who saw me after the scan said that she thinks its still implantation bleeding that's gathered and is coming out gradually as they couldn't see any blood around the baby. She also said that as you get more discharge in pregnancy it only takes a bit of blood to mix in and it looks a lot worse so i'm not too worried about still bleeding (although i would like it to stop!). They said if i am stil bleeding after 2 weeks i should go to my dr and they will scan me again. I guess all we can do is look after ourselves and the rest is out of our hands.

    Mummymog, thanks for your kind words again. I hope everything continues to be well with your l/o.

    I'm still too scared to go onto the im due in Oct 09 forum until i'm 12 weeks and i think i will lurk around here for a while!

    xxxx amy xxx

  • Congrats hun. That so exciting. I'm 11 weeks today and every day has been a slow torture as I am so scared of mc again. Am just trying to get through the days...
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