1st time mum

CONGRATULATIONS!! and welcome to PP! I'm sure you'll love it here and get lots of advice and information.

I'm Tasha and mum to Ethan 2 1/2 and 7 month old Amber.

If there's anything you want to know or are worried about please get in touch!

Look forward to chatting more soon x


  • Hi Katy,

    Many congratulations to you both. I'm Zoe mum to Jack and Charlotte.

    Any questions you have we'll be happy to help you with to the best of our knowledge.

    Look after yourself.

    Zoe x
  • Hi,
    Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to PP.
    My name is Simone and im 28 and mum to Jessica.
    Thay are a very friendly bunch on here.
    Hope to chat soon

  • Hi Katy

    Congratulations and welcome to pp!!
    I'm Dawn, mum to Cameron 6 1/2 months.
    Everyone's really friendly here and you get lots of good advice!!

    Take care of yourself
    Dawn x
  • Hi, Congratulations on your pregnancy.
    I'm Sarah I have 3 children Chris 15, Chelsea 8 and Chloe 3.
    Hope your feeling ok, look after yourself.
    From Sarah
  • Hi Katy,
    Congratulatons on your pregnancy. Hope you are feeling well. Hope you enjoy every minute.
    Im Kas and mum to Niamh and Tara.
    Hope to chat soon, and if you need advice, everyone on here is great at giving it. Hope you enjoy pp, its fab.
    Take care
    Kas xx
  • Hi Katy
    Congratulations on your pregancy!
    Try to enjoy those special 9 months!!!

  • Don't fill your head up with to much reading, you will end up paranoid!
    I stayed away from pate and raw egg, i ate everything else even peanuts! and i had a beautifull healthy girl.

    I told my mum as soon as we had done the test, sat on the toilet floor crying lol.
    I didn't expect to be pregnant that quickly, was only one day late for af and had only be trying for about three weeks!

    Hope you are feeling ok.
    Chat soon

    Simone x
  • I agree with Simone, the more you read the more scare stories you'll here!

    With Ethan we'd been trying for nearly a year and we told them over the phone,i rang my mum and said hello Nana and by the squeal i got i knew she got the message!!
    We told our parents over the phone again with Amber but it was quite funny because we hadn't been trying and everyone went quiet because they were shocked!! My hubby rang his mum and simply said "Natasha's pregnant - again" he didn't even sound that pleased!!! He is now of course!

    You could send them a christmas card with a copy of the scan pic in and write on it not to be opened until xmas morn then make sure you call before they open it?!

    Let us know how you do it in the end and what they're reaction is!!! x
  • Hi Katy

    Congratulations on being pregnant. I'm Marie, hit he big 3 0 this year! We have a boy called Jake and was 2 in Sept. We are TTC #2 but not working.

    I wrapped up a pair of baby socks and gave them to my mother in law. She was confused and asked who they were for, I just smiled. The look on her and Father In Laws faces were a picture, they were over the moon!

    There's lots of good advice on here. Hope to chat soon.
    Marie. x
  • Congratulations to you both.

    Im Emma 24(soon 25)mum to riley 2yrs almost 3yrs and have my baby niece who's 5mths.
    Hope to write soon
    Emma xx
  • Tasha, Thats a lovely idea.
  • Hi hun
    Welcome to pp i'm a mum of a boy and a girl so hope to chat soon. Congrats on the little one x
  • I really like Tashas idea of the baby scan card.
    How are you going to keep it secret so long? I couldnt wait. At first, we were going to just tell family, but that lasted all of about an hour!!
    We went to Ants family as they live close by to tell them, but my family are in Ireland, so had to be phone call.
    Sorry, no exciting story!
    Kas xx
  • hey


    and also i love the idea of the card scan

    with roberts pregancy i cudt keep it a secret! i was telling everyone the day i found out i was preg! even my customers at work!!!
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