Girl or boy?

Hi. Has anyone been told the sex of their baby at a scan and it then turned out to be wrong? We have been told that our next baby will be a girl but I am scared that the sonographer was wrong, no reason to think this but I am anxious. I am scared to buy pink clothes in case I have to take them back and afraid to get rid of my son's old clothes again just in case. My own logic says that if she were not pretty certain she wouldn't say, but is that always the case?


  • Is this your twelve week scan!
    If so i would wait till your next one, just to be sure!
  • Hi Nicolette,
    We found out the sex of our 3rd baby.
    The sonographer said she was 99% sure we were having a girl,
    and pointed out scan shapes to us but for the last weeks of my pregnancy,I went through a stage where I did'nt believe her.
    We bought lots of pink clothes and other pink items but I left all the labels on and kept every receipt in a bulging envelope, just incase.
    She did'nt get it wrong and I had a huge amount of washing to do and labels to cut off when we got home from hospital but It made me feel better knowing I could take it all back if necessary and swap it for blue things.

    I did take a blue cardigan in my hospital bag too, just in case.
    I checked and double checked when my daughter was born too,
    and finally believed that I'd got a girl.

    How many weeks are you , and are you feeling well?
  • Hi - it was my 20 week scan so it should have been obvious and both my husband and I thought we saw enough to suggest that it was a girl, i.e. one blob and not two if that makes sense, but I am not trained and I just don't trust this sonographer completely as she was not very friendly! Stupid thing to base an opinion on but there you go, I am hormonal.

    I am nearly 21 weeks and I feel fine, better than I have for ages after suffering appalling morning sickness and debilitating weariness for months. My bump appeared almost overnight, I bought a load of maternity clothes a couple of weeks ago and felt like a fraud as I didn't appear to be pregnant, just a little fat, but I need it all now.

    I am glad to hear that I am not the only one to have doubted the sex. We are going to go for a 4D scan later as I saw very little of this last one, and got no picture as the baby's head was very deep in my pelvis and could barely be seen. She's fine though, doing everything she is supposed to.
  • Hi Nicolette

    We found out the sex when i was pregnant with Amber and the sonographer told us it was "more than likely a girl"
    over the following weeks i too became doubtful but due to a previous c section i had a scan at 37weeks we again asked the sex and this time were told she was 100% certain it was a girl then she turned the screen round and there was NO doubting! Still, in the final moments of labour i panicked and had visions of putting my mewborn little boy in a bright pink sleepsuit as that's all i'd packed!!

    A friend of mine was told the wrong sex but she was told it was a boy when she actually had a girl the cord had been mistaken!! I think this is the more common mistake.

    Hope you're feeling well and Bon's doing great too x
  • Hiya,

    We found out the sex of our eldest but they couldn't tell us at 20 weeks, i had to have a further scan at 22 weeks so we asked if they could tell us then. The response to us asking if she could tell the sex was " oh yes!", we suspected by that it was a boy and she confirmed it. It was very clear were her words so we had no reason to question it. We left number to as a surprise.
  • Hi Nicolette
    No it's not happened tome but i have heard of one lady that they told she was having a boy and she ended having a girl. I dont think it happens very often so the chances that they are wrong are extremly small
    Andrea x
  • hi nicollete,

    i didnt doubt the sonographer as i saw the boy bits!

    but someone i do know was told she was having a boy, and ended up having a girl!!!

    she was very shocked to say the least
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