first time mum to be, new to the site, and feeling rubbish!!!

Hi Kirstie
Congratulations on your pregnancy!!
Welcome to PP. Don't worry, what you are feeling is very normal. I was lucky and never had the sickness / nausea but I used to get to the "walking zombie" stage. I teach and struggled to get through the day.

The best advice I was given was to listen to my body and respond accordingly.

I was quite poorly in the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy and was bedridden for 2 weeks. But, this sounds corny, its all worth it. I'd do it all again tomorrow!!!

Chin up, you'll feel great soon and be able to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.



  • Hi Kirstie, Im kas,
    welcome to pp, hope you enjoy it here, we're all very friendly.
    Most importantly, CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy.
    I really hope you start to feel better soon. I was lucky i didnt have any symptoms with my first (exept being nauseous on a sunday for the first 5 weeks), random, i know. With my second I had the nauaea and was dry heaving. That was awful.
    Dont worry, you'll soon start to feel healthy and excited, and start to really enjoy your pregnancy (i hope). And ike Caroline, Id do it all again too (i intend to).

    I bet your husband isnt getting fed up, im sure he's delighted and its amazing how supportive they can be when its needed.
    My lovely husband (with my second baby) said to me one day, "dont worry babe, you've only got another few weeks of sickness". Cheers then!! but generally was very supportive.

    Anyway, enough of me rabbitting on now.
    look forward to chatting soon
    Kas xx
  • Hi Kirstie,

    I'm Zoe mum to Jack and Charlotte. With both of mine i felt rubbish between 6 and 16 weeks then i could enjoy them. Once it passes you soon forget about it. I hope it doesn't last too long for you.

    Chat to you soon, Zoe x.
  • Hi Gemma
    Welcome to PP.
    How is your pregnancy going?
  • I have got a wriggling baby on my knee! She is 8 weeks on thursday. Was 11lb 12.5oz at birth, very big.

    Just going to bath her, give her a massage and put her to bed then i'll be back!!
  • I'm ancient!!!!! 31 and from Lincolnshire. What about you??
  • I have no idea. I had to have a C section as I was told that Bronwyn would be 13lb!!!!!

    Are you ready for the baby? Do you know what you are having?
    if you've got any questions please ask.
  • no, what is your email?
  • I forgot about that! Oh well, I can block any dodgy messages!
    Just tried it and its too late!!
  • hi gemma, welcome to pp. hope you are enjoying this forum. everyones so friendly.
    congrats on pregnacy. hows it going? do you know what you are having?
    Kas xx
    p.s Ive two girls 2 1/2yrs and 61/2 months.
  • Hello Kirstie

    Welcome to PP and congratulations on your pregnancy!
    You'll find lots advice on here and a friendly chat whenever you need it!
    I remember how scared i was just before i had my first, Ethan, like you said you suddenly realise what a big deal it is but honestly when the time comes it won't feel as scary and you'll naturally slip into mummy mode!
    I hope to chat some more soon take care

    Love Tasha x
  • Hello Gemma
    Welcome to PP
    i'm Tasha and mum to Ethan and Amber
    hope your pregnancy's going well, you'll find this site very useful for advice and friendly chats!
  • Hi Kirstie
    I promise you won't feel this bad for long! I think the tiredness is as bad as the nausea and i don't blame you at all for taking it easy. What's your job is it quite demanding? You must be feeling very excited about this baby are you managing to keep it a secret?!!
    Chat soon love Tasha x
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