Hi. Introducing myself

Hi Trish,

Thanks for filling us in. I really hope this pregnancy goes well for you.

Just out of interest, does it make a difference as to which side you are pregnant on? Sorry for the question.

Anyway, I'm Zoe, 28 married to James with Jack and Charlotte.

Wishing you good luck.

Zoe xx


  • Hi Trish, and congratulations on your pregnancy. I am also pregnant with number two after 15 months of trying, thought it would never happen, and also wondering if I will deliver early as I had my first at 34 weeks for no reason. I didn't realise how scared I was until I found myself rushing to the loo at every twinge whilst at my parent's place last week which is where I went into labour last time. I am 24 weeks now. What does having two wombs entail for a pregnancy? What are the complications? I hope you don't mind me asking but I have never spoken to someone who has this although I was aware it was possible. Can you tell us a bit more, if it isn't too personal?
  • Hi Trish,

    Been thinking of you today, hope things went well with the scan.

    Take care, Zoe xx
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