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hi there, my friend had exactly the same, i met her when she was 6 weeks pregnant, and was going to say something to her other friend to see if shed noticed anything, but that nite, she announced she was pregnant.
she always carried prominently on her tummy.
i wouldnt worry too much bout the weight gain, it differs from person to person and depends on the pregnancy.
with my first, i put on most of my weight in the first 16 weeks, then it slowed down a bit (thank god). with my second, it was slow but regular weight gain the whole way through, but i put up almost the same weight with both pregnancies.
sorry for waffling on, but hope this puts your mind at rest a little
kas xx


  • Hiya

    It really does vary for each woman and also for each pregnancy. With my 1st i only put on 1stone in total most of it at the end and i only had a fairly small bump. With Amber i was showing well by 10weeks and had also gained about 8lbs by then! However this really slowed down and by the end i had gained about 1 1/2 stone and wasn't too much bigger then i had been with Ethan.

    I'd leave it down to your midwife to worry about it for you they will keep an on your weight gain. It doesn't sound like anything to worry about, you're simply going to have a lovely bump to show off soon!

    I hope you're feeling well! xx
  • Hi. Everyone is different, as the previous respondants say, and everyone puts on differing amounts of weight at different times during their pregnancy. What you may be seeing at the moment, seeing as it is so early on and it sounds as if it is your first, is the product of your digestive system slowing down and not being so efficient, if you get my meaning. You maybe backing up a bit! I suffered from horrendous bloating in my first 12 weeks, only Danone Activia and avoiding fruit helped me. I looked a great more pregnant than I would otherwise have done. On one particular day, after not being able to eat the previous day for nausea, my 'bump' just disappeared and I was back in my gorgeous small clothes again, just for the day!
  • Hi, I was in maternity trousers at 5 weeks pregnant and maternity jeans by 7 weeks. I was also showing very early on, I am surprised I managed to keep it a secret from the kids at school for so long!!! I put on weight quite quickly too, but it went on consistently throughout my pregnancy. Every person and every pregnancy is different, people kept telling me that I was eating too much as I was so big but I lost all but 7lb giving birth!!! Don't worry too much, just enjoy your pregnancy!!!
  • I agree with all the others, every pregnancy is different!
    I didn't put much weight on untill the last two months and i ballooned! I think i put about 2 1/2 stone on, but it all came of in about two weeks after giving birth and i was back in my normal clothes, i had a big baby and must have been carrying alot of fluid!
  • Me too Simone, I was left with about 7lb to lose but that doesn'take into account the weight I put on over christmas before i found out I was pregnant. I was carrying at leas 25% more water than usual! Plus I had lots of water retention and a huge baby!
  • Hi - welcome to PP, saw your other post, sorry can't help there! However, I suspect that both symptoms, the weight gain (have you gained weight or just bulk?) and the hot flushes could well be down to the hormones you are taking. The bulk could also be down to your digestive tract slowing causing bloating and general backing up, again hormones can be the cause for that. I wouldn't worry too much, if you are concerned, keep an eye on your diet, eat as healthily as morning sickness will allow, try and exercise and you should be fine. Good luck and let us know how you are getting along.
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