i want to do somthing nice to remember this pregnancy

any ideas? its my last pregnancy and i want to really enjoy it as much as i can. i think if i could have more i would, but we could never afford it and my husband doesn't want more so we decied to stick at 3.
i done dairys with my last two. but want to do somthing different this time, somthing more fun and big iykwim. but of course not to expensive as were on the bones of our bum.


  • How about a making a cast of your tummy! not sure how much the kits cost, but im sure they are not to expensive.
  • Our local baby boutique sells those kits and i think they're fab! Think they're about £25 i'mprobably going in today so will get the name of them and google it! Will let you know.
  • Hi - I know how you feel, we are likely to stick to two as we are going to have one of each and I feel this pregnancy is passing by so quickly as I am still so wrapped up in my son. A friend of mine did a webblog with photos of her each month and her growing bump which was nice and I wish my hubbie was taking photos of me to remember - I only have five of me with a bump from last time and my parents took four of those! Even if you can't do a web thing, maybe a nice album and a pictorial diary of your pregnancy, your bump, what things you bought for the new baby, where you went whilst pregnant, scan pictures etc. I am tempted to start one now even though I am 25 weeks!
  • Hi all
    I got a bump to birth diart in a mag while preggers with riley and wrote in it every day,when he born we got given a lovely baby memories book which goes up to 5yrs so i fill that in when i can and it has places for hospital baby bands,photos and a family tree bit which was nice.

    We also went to a company called personal presents,web address www.personalpresents.co.uk and got one of each of the day you were born things. It tells you the price of milk,loaf of bread,pint of beer and house's.who you share you bithday with and the main headline news,its great.

    Hope you find something and when you do let us no.

  • id say a belly cast too,

    maybe one at 20 weeks ten another when ur about to pop!

    i did one at 37 weeks and i loved doing it and still love looking at it

    and defo a scrap book of ur growing bump?

  • Great picture now what you look like know!
    I feel awful i felt so dreadfull when i was pregnant i didn't have one picture taken of my bump, i so wish i had a picture know though, so i can show Jessica when she is older.
  • i do the diary thing in way now. but the belly cast looks cool. think thats defo the way to go. my hubby isn't suportive when it comes to pregnancy, to him it's inconvenace that we have to endure to get our baby! he's [****] really, but a great dad.
  • What about having a 4D scan on dvd?
  • Oh that sounds like a good idea to. but arn'y they like £100 or something? bit out of my price range.
  • I must say I wish I had done a belly cast. Don't think I will have another baby but if I do i'd definately do one.
  • Ive got pictures of me preggers,i got so big that my hubby couldnt put his arms round me,i'll try and post it but not sure how to just yet but i try.

    Emma x
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