first appointment

Good Luck with your appointment on Monday! I have no advice for you, sorry, just thought I would let you know that we are thinking of you!!!!



  • Hi - how did it go? Is everything OK?
  • Hi
    Just repeating what everyone else has said, how was your appointment hope all went well.
  • Hi ya

    Glad to hear it,when exactly are you due,you said ud be 8weeks.
    My g.p. said riley would be due on the 7th dec and my scan said the 2nd dec.we went with the 2nd dec as they thought he was a big baby.I had him on the 8th so my g.p. was almost accurate and he only weighed 8lb 1oz.
  • Hi
    Really glad your scan went well, its so exciting when you seem them on the screen, it makes the pregnancy real.
  • Thats great the scan went well!!
    I hope you're feeling well (not too sick)! and can start enjoying the pregnancy, Take care xx
  • HI there, im so glad that the scan went well, hopefully now you can enjoy it a bit more!!
    Hope it goes well for you
    Kas xx
  • Hi Jen
    Can you get the sex done free or do you have to pay,we wanted to no if riley was a boy/girl but its expensive up here so we choose no to.
    Id loved to have known so buying baby bits was easier,hope the sickness goes soon for you then you can start enjoying your pregnancy

    Emma x
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