hi im hannah 37weeks pregnant

Hiya Hannah
I think you could possibly be the youngest mum on here!
Welcome to PP!

How are you doing????


  • Hi Hannah,

    I'm sure you will find lots of helpful advice on here. Enjoy your last few weeks of the pregnancy, life will be busy afterwards!!

    Take care and have a good Christmas.

    Zoe xx
  • Hi Hannah,
    Welcome to pp.
    hope you find some support on here that you need, even if its just someone to chat to.
    Well done on being so positive about bringing Faith up on your own!!
    I really hope it goes well for you and that your pregnancy has been a good one.

    Take care
    Kas xx
  • Hi Hannah
    Welcome to PP
    Hope you try and get some rest in your last few weeks, before you have Faith.
    You will get loads of advice on here, or if you just want a chat or moan!

    Take care
    Simone xx
  • Hi Hannah. May I say that you are incredibly brave to go ahead with your pregnancy and I wish all the best in the world in bringing her up. When will you return to school, do you get the same six months that working mums get, lets face it, school is a full time occupation as well?

    I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with my second so if you want to swap notes on aching backs and bumps, please feel free. Stay in touch on here and let us know how you get along.
  • Hi Hannah

    Im emma 25,mum to riley 3 on the 8th and chantelle 6mths(my niece)
    My sisters were 15 and 17 when they had their boys.
    Chantelle is my niece but im now her foster mum.
    Its nice to hear your parents are supporting you.
    Hope you have a wonderful christmas and look forward to haring you news on the new arrival shortly.

    hope to chat soon

    Emma xx
  • Hi Hannah

    Thats realy good,my sister had to fight to go back to school but in the end had home tutoring.Its good that its up to you when you start coz you dont know how you'll be after.

  • Hi Hannah
    Are you in year 9? I teach year 7-11 pupils. I think you are very brave to have your daughter. One of my pupils has just had an abortion. Again, I think she was brave to have made that decision!

    I know of peope who have gone to schools for young mums and they are fab places. The best thing you can do for you and Faith is to get an education so that you can be the best mum you can be!

    I have to go back to school in January and wish I could take my daughter with me!!!
  • Hi Hannah

    I'm Dawn, 28 and mum to Cameron who's almost 8 months.
    I think you're really brave going it alone, her dad obviously doesn't realise what he'll be missing out on.

    Take care of yourself and i hope you have a fab
    christmas xxx
  • Hi Hannah. The school for young mums sounds like a great place, I didn't know they existed but it sounds as if it will give you the best of both worlds, stay with your daughter and still get an education.

    Do stay in touch, the ladies on here are very supportive, you'll find loads on The Lounge forum who will always be happy to chat. We'd love to know how you get on.
  • I agree with you! I'm not judging you! I could never have an abortion. This pupil of mine was on the pill but her mum took her off it. She got pregnant and then her mum wanted her to keep it and her dad agreed that she should have an abortion! I guess everyone has to do what they need to do!

    Besides, who waits until they are married before they have sex? Nobody I know!
  • Hi Hannah,

    Love the ticker!!

    Hope you and bump are ok today.

    Zoe x
  • I know what you mean, Jack was two weeks late and every day for a month I prayed i'd go into labour as I couldn't wait to meet him. We new he was a boy at 22 weeks and we had named him too, I got to the point i just wanted him born!
  • I am a Christmas baby! I was born on Christmas Eve and my mum always says that it was the best Christmas she has ever had, been in hospital with her new baby!
  • Hi caroline,that girls mum sounds like she wanted the baby to happen and that she wanted it for her own.

    Hi Hannah,the pick's are lovely.

    I never told anyone this but ive had an abortion due to medical problems,it was the hardest thing ive ever had to do.When i felt i was ready to battle the problem we had riley but it didnt come without the high risk's.
    I do always wonder what if and it will always be in the back of my mind.
    I never judge anyone because of it as we all have reasons for doing thinks.

    Sorry to bore you with it.

  • Hi Emma
    So sorry to read that, it must have been so hard for you, but the decision was out of your hands.
    Everyone has reasons why they have an abortion and it must be the hardest thing for anyone to do xx

    Hannah-Hope you are ok, not long to wait now, i also love your pictures and ticker
  • Hi Emma,

    You had your reasons but that doesn't mean that the decision was an easy one for you to make. You have Riley to concentrate on, try not to look upon it in a bad way.

    Hi Hannah,

    How are things with you?

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Hi girls,
    Thanks for that,ive got riley my no1.
  • Exactly.

  • Hi all
    Thanks for your kind words,im very greatfull to have riley.

    Hannah are you looking forward to christmas,if faith is early you may get a big christmas suprise.hope all goes well for you and that your taking it easy in these last few weeks.

    Take care
  • It will happen real quick and your wonder where your time went.
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