Indoor tanning

I think you should ask at the salon. They may have safety issues with you being pregnant.


  • or double check with your gp!
  • Just echoing the others really. Check with the salon or your midwife see what they say, if in any doubt don't use one it's not worth taking the risk.
  • im pretty sure u cant use one - even the ones with the fans

    just fake it with a spray on

    i did when iw as preg

  • Hi - it is not reccomended, apart from the possible heat issue, your levels of the chemical that turn you brown are all over the place and you could end up patchy, or end up suffering with what they term 'the mask of pregnancy' which is a brown 'mask' that develops over your face and may not fade completely. There is apparently a risk to the baby as well, according to one of the books I read. Better to get a fake tan if you want to look tanned, and avoid the sunbeds. They are not good for you pregnant or not.
  • Nicolet is right, if you go to a tanning studio and they know you are pregnant they will refuse to let you use a sunbed, if they are reputable!
    Its something to do with your skin changing and being more sensitive!
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