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Hi. Sorry for the essay firstly, but I hope some of this is useful.

I wanted to tell people about the brilliant stuff I've just bought from FatFace as I know it can be pretty daunting dressing an ever changing figure. I really didn't want to spend the money buying proper maternity clothes the first time round, I managed with just one pair of trousers from Mothercare and just borrowed my husband's all the time, plus being summer it was easier to dress anyway, no worry about tights (ugh!) and such. Anyway, this time round I wanted to go the hole hog and raid JoJo Maman Bebe and Mamas and Papas et al but now I am bored with what I have and I don't want to spend too much with only a couple of months to go as I won't get the wear out of it. Hubby was a genius and went to FatFace for a couple of my Xmas pressies so I went back. The sale is really good, 50% off tons and there are some great stretchy drop waisted tops and empire line tops and dresses that, in a size or two larger than normal, fit really well and will also be perfectly wearable afterwards being normal clothes.

A couple of tips for those who, like me, are a bit lost when it comes to maternity clothes, always try on trousers and jeans, the different style fit different body shapes. I've found the under bump syle fall down all the time, and most comfy have the jersey waist band. Pre-pregnancy dresses, empire line and stretchy ones look great over a pair of jeans. And if you want to watch your pennies, get things that can be altered easily to fit afterwards.

Good luck and happy shopping!


  • I love Fat face Nicolette, I could spend a fortune in there!!!

    My staple maternity "uniform" (bearing in mind I outgrew most of my maternity tops at 6 months!!) was maternity vest tops from Next with a cropped jersey top that knotted at the front as i couldn't out grow those!! I am not explaining this very well so I will dig out a photo!!

    This is me at 14 weeks

    And again at 24 weeks

    I even wore these at 40 weeks but I was measuring 48 weeks as they were the only things apart from PJs that fitted me!
  • Hi Caroline. I can appreciate how big you were now, you must have been so uncomfortable. I am measuring pretty spot on at the moment, 1cm under which is neither here nor there. I was small with my first and I don't expect to be particularly big with this one in consequence. I'm still religiously slapping on the body oil twice a day at least, don't want stretch marks!
  • Hi Nicolette,
    When I say that I was huge its not just a figure of speech! I could hardly walk at the end! At 40 weeks a mans XXL football shirt was tight and had no room left!!! I have been warned to expect to be bigger with the next one! I will need scaffolding for my belly if I am.
    I have got the most amazing stretchmarks!!!!! I have millions of them, they go round my belly button and cover my entire belly! Kind of in a circle, they amaze me! Most people hate them but I kind of like mine!!! I was never going to escape getting them, the size I was! And, as sad as this sounds I like the feel of them if I run my fingers over them!!!! God, I sound crazy!!!!!
  • You don't sound that mad, and it is good that you don't have a problem with them. I am probably too vain and spend too much time, energy and money trying to avoid them and I know I will be devestated if I get any. I have heard of some women who see them as a badge of honour, that they have brought into the world a new life, which is a lovely, positive way to see it.
  • I did use the usual creams and stuff on my bump, but it was inevitable that i got shed loads of stretch marks. I always found massaging oils into my bump relaxing, and a great way to "communicate" with my dancing bump!
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