af didnt turn up

i know thats a silly thng to say, but now it feels more real!

well the sickness has made it feel more real too, but i an relax a bit now



  • Yay!!!
    That's brilliant claire and very exciting!
    Take care of yourself chat soon xxx
  • Hi Claire,

    I hope you are coping with the sickness, I know you were having to work yesterday, did you manage ok? That's the one thing I hated about my pregnancies, you never know how long it will last for.

    Keep well,

    Zoe xx
  • Thats great Claire.
    Apart from feeling sick i hope you are ok!

    Chat soon and take care xx
  • Official Congratulations Claire.

    I'm soooo jealous! But really looking forward to all your updates over the coming months.

    Hope the morning sickness passes quickly
  • Hi Claire

    Hope the morning sickness passes soon for you!!!!!
    Take care xx
  • hi claire, thats great, hope that having no af makes up for the sickness.

    hows work going for you?

    cant remember if i asked, but have you told robert yet?

    take care
    kas xx
  • Congratulations Claire. Really, really chuffed to bits for you, Martin and Robert.

    Boo, thats very funny. !!!! made me laugh!
  • haha thank you all

    yes im still feeling sick, work was ok JUST!

    i have told robert, but he just says baby and points to the laptop and says baby caus he sees all the baby pics on here

    BOO - that is a valid point lol
  • Congratulations again Claire! Hope the sickness passes soon! Did you get much sickness before?

    lol M. x
  • marie - with robert i was constantly being sick from testing til 17 weeks, then again from 21 - 28 weeks, when at 28 weeks i was diagnosed with dehydration and admitted for 4 days for a drip!

    this time im just feeling sick, which i think is alot worse!

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