breeched baby- scared, advice


Try not to worry, with my first pregnancy Jack was breech or transverse, never head down. They told me I would be taken in for a c-section if he hadn't turned by 36 weeks and by 36 weeks he had turned on his own. Be careful.

Zoe xx


  • Hi - you've got ages yet for the baby to turn so try not to worry. Practically speaking as long as it is head down when you go into labour, it doesn't matter. And midwives do get it wrong. I was 32 weeks with my first and I was told I was transverse breech so I was terrifed when I went into labour the following week. However, baby's head was so low down in my pelvis that she mistook his bottom for his head and he had actually been engaged from 30 weeks. If they are concerned I expect they will rescan you later on to confirm where baby is.

    Try to relax, it isn't an issue at this stage of pregnancy. Good luck and let us know how things progress.
  • hi there, when i was pregnant with tara, she was breech into the last trimester, but my midwife was excellent, and told me not to worry, as most babies are breech at some point, but generally turn themselves around. If it doesnt happen for you however, try not to worry bout it too much, and try and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

    take care and relax
    kas xx
  • Hiya, like the others have said try not to worry to much as you still have plenty of time for the baby to turn.

    However in case baby refuses to turn i'll tell you what happened to me as my eldest ethan was breech. We only found this out at 37 weeks after having a scan to confirm it and i was absolutlely devastated.
    The following week i was pressurised into having an ECV (not sure what that stands for) in which my stomach was manipulated manually by 2 consultants with them trying to turn the baby. this was uncomfortable and a bit scary but not painful, it was however completely unsuccessful and ethan refused to budge!! By this stage there was virtually no chance of him turning naturally and i was booked in for a c section the following week. I must say if it comes to this with you, the c section was a pleasant experience, nicer than the ECV and i don't regret that it happened now. I was also able to have a natural delivery afterwards with my daughter!!

    Good luck let us know how you get on, take care, Tasha xx
  • ive heard that getting on all fours and rocking back and forth helps turn a baby

  • That also works on back to back babies, that what I was advised to do as it gives baby more room to move!
  • I had one of those inflatable balls that I leaned on and sort of rocked on it, like hugging it or something like that.

    lol. Marie. x
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