Hi Jen,

I was exactly the same with my first pregnancy, I didn't buy anything until I was about 61/2 months pregnant. I was definately more relaxed second time round. It's only natural to worry you have a responsibility now, but as you relax and the pregnancy goes on you will get excited, like when you feel movements and start planning the nursery. Buying tiny clothes for the first time is nice too. Don't worry.

Take care, Zoe xx


  • Hi Jen. I wasn't too bothered with my first, I was viewing the whole pregnancy through rose coloured specs and enjoyed it, mostly. This time round I have worried about everything as I am far more aware of what can go wrong having experienced some of it myself. I delivered early with my first and no one really expects me to go full term with this one. I already have complications so I am on tenterhooks and rather anxious. I want to get my hospital bag packed but not sure how to cope without my slippers and snuggly robe if they are packed!
  • HI Jen,
    dont worry, that is perfectly normal, i was exactly the same with my first, but definitely a lot more relaxed with my second. I think once you go for your 20 week scan, you wil be able to relax a little more, and possibly start buying things.

    hope you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy
    Take care
    kas xx
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