hmm - interesting!

when i was preg with robert mil did a ring test on me, it said i was preg with a boy - it was true

she also did a test on me and martin to see what children we are having all togetrher and both said 2 boys

but then tonight she did the ring test on my belly and came up 1 boy and 1 girl

so then to check that did the test on us again, and both said 2 boys and 1 girl!

i knew i had a feelin i was carrying twins, with robert i knew he was just 1, this time i really do have a strong feeling its twins



  • WOW Claire that would be amazing!!!! x
  • OMG Claire that is so freaky! The same thing happened to me! I was told that i was expecting twins too after doing the ring test.

    In the end she was wrong and I had 1 baby that weighed enoughfor 2!!!
  • Wow Claire,

    You'll have to keep is informed on that one.

    I never had a ring test done, but with both my pregnancies I saw groups of magpies, do you know the rhyme? With Jack on three occasions I saw four together ( 4 for a boy) and with Charl I saw three together on five occasions (3 for a girl)!

    Zoe xx
  • OMG Claire, that is so exciting, you will have to keep us posted xx
  • Wow - you could have your hands full!!!! xx
  • ooohh, claire, you could soon be posting in the twins section of the forum. how exciting!!
    how would you feel?

    have you got an appointment for your scan yet? have you been feeling any different this time?

    take care
    kas xx
  • Hi claire

    when will you find this out,it sounds quite amazing.

    a friend once told me id have a 1 boy and 1 girl,i got my boy and the other remains to be seen.

    Good luck hun

  • well in just under 5 weeks now so at least 7 weeks til im 12 weeks

    this time im feeling sick rather than being sick
    quite dizzy alot
    lots of period type pains, or cud be stretching pains
    constantly hungry!
    extremely tired all the time i didnt have tiredness until late pregnancy with robert

    and i really do have a feeling im carrying twins


    id love it if i was, but if not , its ok, one baby is still fabaroony D
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