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Hi Hollie,

Congratulations to you on your pregnancy.

I'm Zoe, mum to Jack and Charlotte. What will the age gap be between your girls? There's nearly 3 years between my two so while I was pregnant 2nd time round I had an energetic two year old keeping me busy!!

Try not to take things people say to heart, your hormones are all over the place and perhaps it could have been phrased better.

Take care,

Zoe xx


  • Welcome to PP Hollie

    I really wouldn't worry about your weight gain, my friend put on 5 stone in her pregnancy but lost it all very quickly whereas i only gained 1 1/2 stone and i'm struggling to shift it!!!!
    I hope you're doing well other than the tiredness! Take care xxx
  • Hi Hollie
    welcome to pp. and congrats on your pregnancy. dont worry about the weight comment, im sure if she was really concerned, she'd have gone into the subject more.everyones weight gains differ greatly.

    hope you enjoy the rest of the pregnancy

    kas xx
  • Hi Rachel,

    AAhhhhh that's so sweet of your husband.

    I'm Zoe mum to Jack and Charlotte, welcome to PP and congratulations on your pregnancy.

    Take care. xx
  • Bless you! My partner is just the same. No incentive to lose weight really!! But you've got the best excuse in the world! How exciting for you first baby! How are you feeling?
  • When pregnant I was putting on weight at an extremely fast rate. I was sent to the consultant on numerous occasions, had diabetes tests and looked huge!!! However, i lost all but 1/2 stone in giving birth. I had a whopper of a baby and was carrying enough water so sail a small yacht!

    So long as you aren't eating takeaways constantly and are getting enough vitamins I wouldn't worry too much! Just enjoy being pregnant!!!
  • aww Rachel,

    You can talk all you want here - so jealous but hopefully our time will come soon x
  • Hi Rachel, welcome to PP and big congrats on you're pregnancy!
    you'll get lots of advise and great chats here, we're a mad lot though!!!
    Chat soon, Tasha x x x
  • Hi
    Sorry must have missed this post!
    Welcome to pp and congratulations on your pregnancy.

    My name is Simone and i am mum to Jessica.
    I to am a bit barking as i am a home carer!!lol
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