choosing gender, old wives tales?

Does anyone believe that they determined or influenced the gender of their baby by diet, positions when ttc or by any old wives tales? I have a girl a boy and don't know what I did different each time?! Interested as will starting ttc shortly, but aslong as I have a healthy baby I don't mind.


  • Hi Pauline. I read that chromosomes in sperm act differently. Male Y chromosomes are fast swimmers but die quickly whereas X chromosomes, the girl ones, are slower but live for longer and are more hardy in the scrotom as well, so there is a higher concentration of them the more a man ejaculates. This, allegedly, means that if you have sex several days before ovulation and lots of it, the sperm that survive to fertilise the egg are more likely to be X rather than Y, and the more sex you have the higher the concerntration of X. It seemed to work for us, I am pregnant with a girl. But whether it really makes a difference in reality and outside of a petri dish, who is to say?
  • Thanks ladies. Aslong as they are healthy, it doesn't matter.
  • well i went for a boy this time by only having sex on the day i ovualted, i had sex once in that two week period! fell pregnant 1st try.
    so in 4 weeks time i'll be having a scan, i'll let you know if it's a boy lol
  • Oohh congrats Kirsty! Do let us know.
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