I am new to practical parenting and 21 weeks pregnant today

Welcome to PP Leanne and Co!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You have certainly come to the right place for friendly advice. There is always someone here who can offer help, or just someone to listen when you need a rant!!

Look forward to chatting to you soon!!


  • Hi Leanne,

    Welcome to PP. Congratulations to you on your pregnancy, it's good to hear you are enjoying it, hope you are keeping well.

    Good luck with your scan tomorrow, don't be disappointed though if they can't tell you the sex, it all depends on how baby is lying.

    A tip to make Christmas easier, put £2 away in a tin at the end of each week, or whatever you can afford. It soon mounts up and takes the pressure off where to get the money for buying presents. To prepare for baby, go sale shopping if you can, or just keep a look out for offers. If you have access to ebay you can get some great buys off there and not all are second hand.

    I hope that helps in some way.

    Please come back on after your scan and let us know the outcome, we'd love to know.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • I save with Park Hampers for Christmas. I buy vouchers as what you pay in is what you get back, if you choose items they add an extra amount on so they are more expensive than the shops. Pretty much like a catalogue I guess. The vouchers are great!! I also buy things in the sales, especially Next and store them for birthdays and Xmas.
  • Hi Leanne,
    Wow! You must be so excited about the scan tomorrow, it is amazing to see them at the 20week+ scan, they look so real and big!
    As to the financial situation, make sure you check with tax credits, what you may be entitled to, there is a working tax and child tax element, you may be entitled to both or just one. We were not made aware of the help we could get until our daughter was a few months old, thanks to this we have been able to both stay in the family business!
    Good luck and keep us posted!
    Emma x
  • Hi Leanne, welcome to PP! I am Nicolette and I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with my second. I am not enjoying it so much, I have had pelvic pressure all the way through as she has been very low throughout, it is all up front, almost a Madonna conical shaped bump so I look ridiculous! However, from the wrong angle, or the right angle depending on your point of view I don't look pregnant as I still have a waist, she's that low.

    Money saving tip for maternity wear - get stuff that you can wear again afterwards, normal low waisted tops in a size or two larger, empire line (high waisted) maternity or not that can be altered afterwards to fit.

    Another tip - jersey waisted jeans are far more comfy than any other kind and I'd say jeans are the one thing that you should buy in a maternity style. Over bump styles are OK, they generally stay up but can be uncomfortable and dig in. Under bump styles fall down and you can never get them tight enough without the buttons falling off. Try on every style in the shop as it is as difficult to find jeans that fit with a bump as without.

    Other advice, well, if you are not using something extra on your skin, start now, oils are best as they are not diluted with water like creams and lotions, Clarins do a lovely toning oil, Bio-Oil is good, baby oil (baby oil gel is easier to use) or even olive oil will do fine. Twice a day on the bump and thighs, every day will help avoid stretch marks.

    Other bits and pieces - you can buy a secondhand cot, but always buy a new mattress. Find what you like in the way of prams and nursery furniture then search the web for it cheaper. You don't need a change unit, a padded changemat on the floor is perfeclty adequate. Accept any offers from family and friends to help out either financially or practically and if when baby is here you are not coping, ask for help, even if it is just your mum pushing the hoover round.

    Anyway, hope I haven't overwhelmed you with info and unwanted advice! Keep in touch and let us know how you get on at your scan. Lovely names by the way. N. xx
  • Hi Leanne,
    welcome to pp and congratulations on your pregnancy, im so pleased you are enjoying it!!
    Try and make a bit of time each day when you know baby will be active, and just sit and watch you bump moving, after a hard day, that never failed to relax me and cheer me up no end.

    im sure you'll find lots of helpful advice on here, its a brilliant forum and everyone is so friendly!!
    So, just ask, and we'll help if we can.
    Please come back and let us know how it all goes, and best of luck with the scan

    kas xx
  • Hi Congrats!

    Hope to chat soon

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