Feeling baby move

I replied to this last night but it appear to have vanished. When I was about 13 or 14 weeks pregnant I felt what i thought was my moble vibrating in my bag which was on my knee. I had no calls or texts and moved the bag onto the floor. The vibrating sensation continued, it was my little girl dancing!!!


  • The only way i can describe it was it felt like i had a bit of wind that was moving about and it was a fluttering feeling!
  • Hiya Jen

    Mine felt similar to Simones, very flttery!! I felt my eldest Ethan at about 18weeks and Amber at about 17 however when i was 12 weeks pregnant with her i actually felt a large movement similar to a kick i couldn't believe it!! The MW thinks that the baby probbably did a large movement like turning around which i could feel but obviously as she grew could not move as much so i didn't feel her for a while after that!

    When your further along you may well be able to feel it when your baby has hiccups which i used to love!!
    I hope you're well and enjoying your pregnancy! xxx
  • Hi Jen. There are different movements I have discovered with this my second pregnancy. With my first, from around 16 weeks I was feeling flutterings or the sensation of bubbles popping and that was the baby, I did at first think it was my tummy gurgling, it is a similar feeling early on, but I was getting it with full and empty stomach so it wasn't that. With this one I first felt her move at 11 weeks, she belly flopped and it was really obvious, like a ball rolling around inside me. Now she never keeps still, she's more active than my son and if he turns out to be the quiet one, I am in REAL trouble!

    Let us know how you get on, if it really is baby, sooo exciting when you can feel them and you have that reassurance. I was told yesterday that acitve baby equals good blood supply. N. xx
  • like a little tapping on the inside. some say it feels like butter flys. it never did to me, felt like little popping bubbles. very light at 1st. you know do you ever get wind? it's the same as that, i get wind when i'm not pregnant and it feels the same.
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