4D scans

Hi Sammi. I had one in December, a Xmas present to myself and hubbie and it was amazing, I can highly reccomend them. I went to an independent clinic who say that between 26 and 28 weeks is the best time to go as the baby is big enough to see well but not so big that there is no room to see them. They need plenty of fluid around the baby, especially in front of the face to get a good picture.

The best bit for me, but this is my second and we were scanned every four week with my first, was the time they had for you. The NHS can be a conveyor belt but being private they are at your mercy not the other way around. Our sonographer answered every question we had and had the time to show us things that the NHS wouldn't. The images are a bit weird, my son said I had a monster in my tummy! But it is comforting to see them move around, and they move a lot more than you expect, so much you can't feel. Enjoy it, and if you have any questions, the clinic will be happy to help I'm sure.
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