if anyone wants to see it my 10 week bump!



  • Wow,getting bigger each week.
  • hehe yes hun,
    at work theres a poll going on round the staff

    11 people think 1 baby
    24 think twins
    and 1 bloke thinks triplets pmsl!
  • Bet you cant wiat for that scan.
  • My goodness the bump is coming on well!

    Hope you are feeling ok xx
  • argh boo - u trying to give me a heart attack?!

    robert was 7 lbs 1 and that was bad enough!

  • Wow Claire, that's quite a bump you have there. How are you feeling? Have you had any sickness or cravings yet?

  • Wow i can't believe how much your bump has grown from the 8 week picture you put on. I bet it seems so much more real now that you can see a bump.

    I was a bit disappointed with Hollie as i hardly put any weight on and very few people knew i was expecting. It just seemed to appear late on but was very neat. Even the midwifes in the birthing centre thought i wasnt due yet.

    How are you feeling?
  • hehe cheers ladies

    yes i have sickness quite bad, i have days where i can be sick up to 3 times a day, then theres days where im just heaving and even may have 1 day with nowt at al!

    cravings are lemons and limes, and anything sour,

    i cannt stand the smell of bacon, or cheese - even cant stand the look of it, cause at work the other night , there was some cheese left behind and it made me heave pmsl!

    I had to get some maternity jeans today! i felt so chuffed too cause i got 2 pairs int he sale for the price of 1 normal pair and change to spare too yay!

  • wow thats an impresive bump (are you sure your 10 weeks???!!!)
  • muckypup - im 100% sure

    as i had af 8th dec and then ttc 22nd so i know im only 10 weeks


  • thats a fantastic bump, i want one but HE says no
  • Claire, seeing your bump reminded me of my early days! I was in maternity jeans and trousers at 7 weeks, my normal trousers didn't fit. Everyone was betting that I was having twins, wasn't so!

    The photo below is my bump at 30 weeks, by 36 weeks I measured 5ft round, I am 5ft 3in tall!!! Again people joked about finding a 2nd baby. By 40 weeks I had outgrown size 18 maternity jeans, i usually take a 16, and size 20 maternity tops. Even Gareth's XXL or XXXL footy shirts had little room for manouver.

    I went on to have a healthy baby weighing 11lb 12.5oz, and had at least 30% more water around Bronwyn that your average pregnancy!

    Just because you are big doesn't mean its twins. I lost all but 7lb of the weight I gained whilst giving birth.


    This is me the week before giving birth!


    This footy shirt was XXL and very tight!!!
  • wow caroline!!
  • Gosh Caroline, you're bump was huge!!!!

    Claire - sorry to hear your feeling so sick, fingers crossed it passes soon. You're bump looks lovely, you've got me worried i'm starting to feel a bit broody!! Aaaaargh
  • The bare bump was 30 weeks!!! At 19 weeks I was stopped by a big issue seller who commented on me not having long to go!!! I hadn't even had my 20 week scan at that point!
  • wow Caroline thats impressive!

    Claire - hope your feeling better soon!!!
  • Fantastic bump Caroline!!! You should be proud i'dhave loved a bigger one!!!!
  • Tasha, I nearly needed a trolley or scaffolding to get around!!!! I actually got stuck in an aisle when shopping too as I couldn't get my bump between the stands!!!!
  • thank you ladies


    WOW Caroline! WOW!

    robert keep kissing and touching the bump aying aawww lovely!

    bless him

  • lol, caroline, thats a very impressive bump. hehe, i should show you my 30 week bump (niamh), as thats wheni only started showing. i started showing much earlier with tara, but you'd laugh if you saw mine.
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