when will i wake up?

i'm 18 weeks now and still so so tired. when am i going to get this engery that it say's in my books. i'm nackerd.


  • never!!, when the lo is about oh 5 id say
  • aww kristy hun, dont say that - im knackered atm, and was looking forward to the same as u - getting some energy back!

    you arent anaemic are you??

  • never thought of that claire. might be worth a try. is there any other signs?
  • dizzyness, shaking, feeling faint, and most of all tiredness! maybe make a docs appointment for some blood tests hun

  • might do.
    been feeling so so cold latley and so white, hubby said the colors just ran out of me, and always feel light headed. but i put all that down to feeling tired as well.
  • yeah paleness is another sign of anaemia

    hugs hun

  • I had anaemia mid to lat pregnancy,made me feel realy low,like the others say go get checked out.
  • bloods ok, doc says it's normal with a dicky heart to feel extra tired.
  • In a way i suppose thats good new that its not anemia.Whats up with the heart,if you dont mind me asking.

    My hubby had 2 heart attacks last march(his 26)

    Oh where abouts in the north east are you.
  • got a mitral vavle prolaspe. it's not a big thing and isn't getting any worse so don't need any meds or anything, it just slows me down sometimes.
    i live in gateshead, it's near newcastle.
  • Hi Karen

    Well it sounds like your doing just fine not needing the meds,not the same but i used to surrer with asthma and hated it slowing me down as a kid.
    You not that far out then.
  • How you feeling now Kristy? Is the tiredness easing at all yet? Take care hun! x
  • not really, it's so bad sometimes i feel as if i've been drugged, i completely pass out in places now, like the floor. i was just sitting playing with the kids and woke up after about 15mins on the floor, know it must of been that as ready steady cook had finshed. it seems to be getting worse tbh. got my scan tomorrow, might ask about it when i'm there.
    just seem really awake then so tired i can't move.
  • Oh hun,that does sound horrible.Hope they can help you in telling you why it may be happening and if it will go when baby is born.
  • oh Kristy that sounds horrible. Def get it checked out, hopefully its something they can help you with xxx
  • well i never had it before i was pregnant, so guess i stand i good chance of it going again (fingers crossed).
  • lets hope so.fingers crosseds for ya.
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