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i made sure i stocked up the cupboards and frezzer with easy to cook food, things i could whip up in 10mins sort of thing as i knew once the baby was here i wouldn't have time. i also done all the washing and ironing in the house, i used to iron as i needed but i knew time would be nil with a new baby.
The other thing, quite vain, i dyed my eyelashes and bought my self a tinted face mosturiser, and waxed every hairy part of my body, got my hair cut and nails chopped off and mancuried. I felt as if i looked a little better with no effort.
i done all this and will be doing it all again in the last few weeks of pregnancy.
oh i also bought my self some really nice pj's as i wanted to look and feel better when people came to see me.

kristy ranson, aged 27 from gatedhead, mum to charlie who's 3 years, nicole 18mths and 18 weeks pregnant



  • Great picture Kristy xx
  • aw thanks, it's the only one i got lol, and i don't look that good on it but what the hell. i'm the one thats always taking the pics to.
  • That is a lovely picture of you all,and great tips to.

    Mine is i packed my hospital bag a few months in advance as everyone was sure id be early but ended up being a week late,always prepare!!
    Also my hubby felt a little left out apart from the scans so we went clothes shopping and i let him to choose an outfit for the baby,regardless of size.
  • Kristy that is a really nice picture of the three of you.

    My tips would be to make sure you rest loads before the baby comes. Everybody told me to but i thought it would be fine as i would just sleep when she did. But things didn't work out like that.
    I would also say to spend quality time with your partner, as once the baby comes it is hard finding time to enjoy each others company.

    I'm afraid i didn't dp all the usual preperations like packing my bag etc. I only packed my bag 3 days before hollie arrived and she was 10 days late. I don't know what i would have done had she arrived early or on time.
  • Great picture Kristy, you look great and so do the children!

  • Hi Keid

    Im unable to email you direc so will get a photo put on here tomorrow for you but in the mean time my names Emma im 25 and mum to Riley 3yrs,we live in colchester.
    I shall sent pm just incase
  • aw thats a lovley pic
  • Mine is take a variety of sizes of baby clothes in with you!! I had Lydia who was only 5lb 9ozs when she was born so nothing fitted her and dh had to go out and buy a few bits to fit. When i had George it was a similar story, only this time round to be told to expect a small baby (and we took small baby clothes) and when he arrived he weighed 8lb 7.5ozs! So again dh had to go and buy some "larger" clothes!

    Sarah Griffiths 32 from Shrewsbury, Shropshire and mum to Lydia 4 and George 15mths.
  • Adi took that about an hour ago,lil mans in bed now and adi's either watching t.v or playing his new game.
  • Blimey sarah, didn't know it was Shrewsbury that you lived! We don't live that far away and visit lots in the summer - lovely place to live!
  • wheres about are you emj??
  • Wombourne, Staffs. We drive out to the country as much as we can during the summer!
  • Sounds lovely.
  • aah Emma Lovely pic of you and Riley, he does look like you x
  • wow not far at all really!!
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