subcorionic haemmorhage

Hi emma, I'm Emma(!) Welcome to PP!

Can't halp you I'm afraid but I'm sure there's someone on here who can! In the meanwhile, rest as much as you can and take care x x x


  • Hi Emma,

    I'm Sarah, I just thought I would post and say Hay - unfortunately I can't shed any light on your issue as me and my hubby are currently ttc#1.

    Hopefully someone on here will be able to help but if you want to chat anytime - always visit the lounge
  • Hi Emma
    Im also Emma,sorry to hear that you've got a few probs,same goes for me i can help you out here but like Emj says there is prob someone here who you can chat with.

    Take care,rest well and chat soon.

  • Hi Emma,

    Haven't had this, but I wish you all the best and hope things go well.

    Rest and get as much help as you can with your toddler.

    Take Care
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