scan at half 2 today!

so place ur bets ladies

1 or 2 or 3 :O babies?

i have lost my camera so cant take a bumppic yet but will try with my old camera lateer

im 11+4 and so much bigger than my 10 week bump



  • I wanna say 1 but in guessing 2 babies in there.
    Will be paitently waiting to hear your news later this afternoon.
    Good luck.

  • Good luck with your scan Claire.
    Hope everything(everyone???? is okay)
    I'm guessing 1 baby as I was very big with my 2nd early on.
    But not with my 3rd strangly enough
  • Hi Claire,

    Good luck with the scan.

    Going to say, one big baby.

    Look forward to finding out later
  • Good luck claire, I too think it's the one baby but a nice big one!!!!!
    Can't wait to hear how it's gone x
  • Hi gracey, thanks for the well wishes but ive alreayd had the scan it was ont eh 28th feb

    see thread titled i didnt feel enough twin vibes

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