I'm pregnant again!!!!

Oh wow that's amazing!! congratulations , i know you must be feelnig incredibly shocked and pretty nervous but i'm sure things will work out fine for you, i'm a twin and my mum swears it was easier than having a larger age gap!!! Maybe you could have a chat with Sally (sally_omg_itstwins) i'm sure she'll have some good advice for you as she's been ina similar position with babies close together.
Remember we're here for you to voice all your worries, let us know how you're getting on xxx


  • Cripes, that must have been such a shock. Congratulations! Let us know what they say at the scan, and let us know when you've got your head round it. There's always someone here to talk to. N. xx
  • Hi!

    It's obviously a shock but many congratulations to you.

    I had a scare when Jack was 10 weeks old, but the test came back negative and several days later I came on. Before I did the test my husband said how will we cope, I replied, we just will. And I think you do. Although it's not how you plan things you will just get on with it so try not to worry.

    Like Tasha says, we are always here for you to talk to.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • wow!! Congratualtions. What a shocker eh?? I was shocked when I got pregnant with Luka. Tate was 9months then. There is 18months between them, and it can be hard work at times. But nowhere near as bad as I had thought. Your kids will grow up really close. Hope the scan goes well. Let us know how you are feeling, and how you get on xx
  • Awww wow congratulations.

    I'm sure once you have time to think about it and adjust to the news you'll get really excited!!! Hopefully the shock will subside soon!!!

    Congratulations again and look forward to hearing how the scan goes! x
  • Wow! Congratulations!My best friend was in the same boat as you, she has 10month exactly between her two, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry but she says it has been almost easier as everyone offered help more the second time and you force yourself to be more organised. It will be wonderful for Noah and Caitlin.Take care and don't panic!xx
  • AAwwww thats fab news hun


  • Hiya, Emj
    CONGRATS. firstly a warning, You are VERY fertile after just having a baby, the ovaries go into overdrive, and start kicking out loads of eggs. The womb is already a very soft and comfy environment as its just nestled one pregnancy so it would be easy to attach an embrio or two, or three (!!!!)
    Well as Tasha said, i fell pregnant when milly was only 8-10 weeks old. But I didnt find out till she was 6 months old. I had a scan 2 weeks after I'd found out, only to find it was twins. I thought I could have been only 8 weeks at that scan, but it showed 18 weeks growth. I was still having cycles and then blead for a full month. I think that was miscarrying a feotus.

    Make sure you have people to be with you and your current youngest. Someone to sit on the floor with him towards the end of your pregnancy, as you will be too large when he's starting to crawl, stand up etc.

    You wont have had time to 'forget' what it was like to have a small baby or been able to get used to having a full night sleep. If you want to PM me you are more than welcome.

    This was my second pregnancy, I found it amazing when Milly would cuddle my tummy, and hum to the babies. Now she's climbing all over them and just as affectionate.

    Look forward to everything, dont do too much and go to this scan with an open mind.

  • Sorry its Noahs_mummy... dunno where i got Emj from...

  • Wow, congratulations to you. Hope you've stopped being sick now to? Keep us posted with your pregnancy.
    lol. xx
  • wow, whata surprise. many many congrats to you!! hope you are all well. how are you feeling now??
    please keep us posted and let us know how the scan goes!!

    take care hun
    kas xx
  • God! sally .... Don't! My hubby would have a fit!! Definately won't be me putting a pregnancy post on here!!!
  • Oh go on Em, i'd love another niece or nephew!!!!!
  • another bundle of joy.... that's delightful!
    i was born in january and my younger sister in december so that's exactly 11 months difference between us. we're so close because of our age gap and have the same friends and love hanging out together. i hope it'll be the smae for noah and caitlin.
  • Congrats hun,hope goes well for you.
  • Congratulations. How are you feeling now?

  • Congratulations!

    Have you got over your shock yet??
    I am slightly jealous as I would love another baby and really miss my bump!!!!

    Hope you get over your sickness soon!
  • OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!

    The pregnancy was a surprise, i bet you needed picking up off the floor!!

    I am so pleased you are sounding happy about it. I am sure as hard as it will be at times you will cope fine. Us mum's have a habit of coping with everything that is thrown in our direction.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Oh my god a very big CONGRATULATIONS to you all.

    Wow i bet it was a shock,your gonna have to put a pic on to show us what twins look like.

    Ohh now i am getting broody.

    You'll cope,you'll have the oh on hand i suppose and im sure that friends and family will help where they can.

  • Congratulations.
    Sally (omg its twins) will prob have loads of advice for you if you need it.
    So how many weeks are you?
    Take care
  • Wow!!! Congratulaions!!!

    How fab!! I am getting excited for you!! I am pleased that your partner is pleased. Does he work away??
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