my 12 week bump = its a corker!



i had resized the pics and rotated it but seems photobucket are being noobs!



  • Wow !!!
    You are sprouting,oh it does make me broodie.Bet you cant wait.

  • Wow, Claire you are big for 12 weeks! Nice to see your progress.
    What does your little boy make of your bump and the news that mummy has a baby in her tummy?
  • hehe cheers ladies

    he still doesnt understand what it means lol, but he does know a baby is in my belly and not on the telly anymore hehe

    and he tells strangers about baby in my elly on the bus friday , i stood up and he prodded my tummy and shouted baby! everyone awwed and giggled! it was really cute

    and in the morning and night he kisses my belly it is adorale to see
  • Ahh thats v.cute.

    Just looked at your tikker,in the next year you'll have your page boy and never know you own bridesmaid if an early
  • oh yes, good thought Emma!! Tate was fascinated with my'baby' when I was pregnant. He had a thing though for going up to people and lifting their tops saying baby!! Luckily it was mostly people we knew!!!
  • blimey Claire, youd never be able to keep it quiet now, even if you wanted to!! lol.
    it really is getting big now!
  • cheers ladies

    kas its no secret anymore every one know even all my regular customers hehe

    they always ask to see bump and ask how i am
  • Hi claire hope all is going well.
    Said id find my bump picks soon enough.
    Thought id put this up,i was a day or two overdue,didnt look my best either.
  • wow Emma! Its great to look back and see those pics. I felt huge when I was having Luka. I hadn't lost all my baby weight and lived in a pair of next maternity linen trousers. They were so comfy. That was the lovely thing about being pregnant slobbing out in your stretchy waistbands!!! I must do something before summer! XXX
  • Well for the last few week of pregnancy i lived in my baggy joggers and maternity jeans,i still wear one pair on my joggers as they are nice and loose,i like to wear them in the evening after wearing jeans all day.
  • Wow that's a great bump emma!!!!! Neither of my bumps have been that big buti loved showing them off!!!
  • I do wonder if i was that big,just how big would i be next time round(whenever that may be)lol
  • I wasn't really any bigger with Amber by the end i just showed far earlier, like claire it was noticable by 10 weeks but slowed down a lot as time went on! x
  • I still have a baby belly(more a top belly bit) and someone said the other day when r you due,when i said i wasnt she blushed and made her excuses.
  • no way, Emma I can't believe that!!! people are silly. I think as you get older its harder, I was 23 when I had tom, by the end of week I was back in my size 10 jeans. I was a bit smug but thought that was normal!! I was really slim still when I got pregnant with Tate but could never get back to a size 10 again. I don't think I ever will. I think you show earlier with subsequent pregnancies you are just a bit stretchier. At the end of the day I just look at my beautiful kids, i've got them my health and happiness so its not that important that im a bit overweight!! Sorry to go on!!!
  • I agree altho my health aint that great but i once heard someone say that a baby belly is something a loving child can give their mother that noone else can,that goes for stretch marks
  • Thats right Emma! Most of my friends are really slim so I do get a bit self conscious, its the summer time, when they are all in their little dresses. Maybe I will do something then, but then again, I doubt it!!!
  • I dont do dresses just crop trousers so not to fussed and is an extra excuse to wear baggy
  • LOL!! Im just looking at dysons on Amazon then off to bed!!! I want one of those cordless ones, the only room in our house that has carpet downstairs is the dining room, duh! You can imagine the mess 3boys + terry, i have to get the hoover out every mealtime!
  • Oh dear,rileys like that all

    Same here,just making a cuppa then i be off to bed,real tired and got hot legs,sounds funny but it started yesterday,thought it was where the wind was whipping at me legs they were stinging, but they havent changed spite taking piriton,and now they starting to itch,prob go Dr's in the morning.

    Nite nite,chat tomorrow prob.

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