Sad :(

yeh i did and do, it doesn't change, i'm on to my 3rd pregnancy now and i still feel crap about weight gained etc. i put on 4 stone with my 1st, just ate crap and stopped trainning at 7mths.
what you have to do is get new hobbys, even if you do one off things just try them out. are you at home or work?
try college courses, swimming, bump arobics, learning somthing new. the weight thing, well ya nackered, most women are when it comes to pregnancy, just go with the flow and worry about getting it off later. they say the arverage weight gain is 26lb to 35lbs.
you got other mates that are preg's? if not make some, do stuff together, you just need to fill your time in thats all.
here if you need to chat, know how it is x


  • Hi, Are you going to go to Ante Natal?? I found my classes really, really good when I was having Thomas. I wanted to go back when I was having Tate because of the age gap but I wasn't allowed!! I made two really good friends (im still friends with one now, 9yrs later) which was great. I did ante natal yoga at the hospital when I was pregant with Luka it was an hour each week and it was fab to have time for me and to relax. Don't worry what you look like when you go swimming, its lovely to get in the water and relax. I swam lots in my first two pregnancies (was a bit harder with a toddler 3rd time round). Take care and don't be hard on yourself xxx
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