14 week bump pic sorry abput the size

photobucket wont shrink it grrr



  • Oh my goodness claire
    i can't belive how much your bumps grown in 2 weeks!! You really do look more like 5 or 6 months gone!! But enjoy it, i'd have loved a massive bump!!!
  • wow claire!!! You look great, what a bump! X
  • Wow hun what a bump.im getting all broody again,riley has been saying for the past week he wants a baby brother but dad says not yet.(get that NOT YET,means his thinking about it)LOL
  • Lol Emma soes that mean you too will be trying for a second shortly.

    Claire thats a nice bump, i cant believe how much you are growing.
  • great Emma!! You could be trying soon and have a spring baby for next year!!! Riley would love that and would be a great age gap as he would be really helpful. How cute!!! XX
  • WOW Claire your bump is coming on really well.

    Hope you are keeping well xx
  • hehe cheers ladies

    i cant believe how big i am tho, ppl still reckon twins, and one is hiding !

    ether that or im gonna have a huuuuuuuuuge baby!
  • Hi Claire, you never know!! Will you have another scan at 20wks? I would love to be pregnant again!! Was Robert big? They say they get bigger each time mine did! X
  • Oh my Claire!!

    I wouldn't get any tiny baby clothes I don't think you will be needing them.

    I hope you are feeling ok.

    Zoe xx
  • haha

    robert was only 7 lbs 1 and 22 inches long tho

    this ws his bump at 37 weeks

    i defo think im going be bigger than that this time
  • yes nichola i have my 20 weeksscan spr 24th
  • You might just be carrying more water.

    Karen and nicola i would love an april/may baby its the only 2 months theres no birthdays except chantelles she 17th may.An the weather would be just nice,i shall try and talk him roud.
  • a spring baby is lovely! April is when Tom was born, and by the time you are feeling more yourself the summer is here! Perfect!
  • I have been dropping suttle hints like what we call another baby boy and what for a girl as my brother used chantelle(we would have called a girl that).

    I will leave it a while then bring it up again.
  • OOOhhh Emma, how lovely. I hope Adi can be persuaded into trying for a sibling for Riley. Fingers crossed he says yes!
  • WOW Claire that is some bump.

    I hope when its my turn I don't show too early - would like to have a secret for a little while - hehe

    Bet you can't wait for your next scan incase they find another baby hiding
  • Emma you will have to get Riley to start dropping hints!! Who could resist that little cute face asking for something!! Especially his daddy xxx
  • Not happening girls,we did speak about it last night would you believe and riley has been going on about it,did even say to adi he wanted a baby brother.
    He said he would not want another baby as his happy with riley,i have said i dont want him to be on his own.He joked and said if i wanted another i would have to get rid of him first.MEN!!!!!

    I'll leave it for a bit then start again,i usually get what i want soone or later,theres bound to be something he wants to buy thats expensive so i will bargin wih him for it.lol
  • well good luck Emma!! I always thought I would never have any more children after Tom. And look at me now. 3 boys, exhausted and tearing my hair out!! But I love it xxxx
  • LOL...
    I never wanted kids so when i was told i would never be able to carry and would have problems if i did,it never bothered me.
    Then shortly after getting married i felt ready,it was a challenge,one that almost cost both me and riley our lives but am thankfull ive got him,hence i always said if we had another i would have a c-section to stop it happening again.
    Think it scares adi so much that his worried to say anything realy.

    Hey hoo!! we will see.

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