Pregnant and Working

Hi ya

For start your enployer is bound to give you at least a 10-15min break twice a day as well as a lunch hour,also try and sit upright as much as you can,and walk around for 5mos if pos,if not get you midwife/Dr to teach you some foot moves.
I worked in a jewellers and when i fell preggers i was stuck out back at the computer doing all the paperwork and repairs,i no how it feels to be sat all day.

Do ask them for regular breaks they have to allow it.

Hope that helps and let us no how you get on.
Take care.


  • It might be an idea to talk to your midwife about some stretches and exercises that you could do at your desk. I agree with Emma that you need to at least stand up and walk about a bit fairly regularly.

    Do you get on with your employers? I employ 9 staff and have one on maternity leave at the moment. we forgot the 'rules' as such and discussed with her through each stage, what was best for us all. in the end, we accomadated her so well, she didn't leave til 38 weeks!!
  • Oh Emj i would so love to work for you.You need to expand over this way a

    Jenjgg what a place to work,must be fun,but like i said in another post, MEN!!!
  • Hi Jenn, you should be having lots and lots of regular jobs and moving around as much as poss. Drinking tons of water will help with your headaches as will getting away from the screen having fresh air as much as poss. I work in a call centre and so we are stuck at our desks alot, but if you ask for extra breaks they are quite good here. Take care! X
  • right emma - I am going to expand my business massively and just happen to strategically place a store in the areas of all of you!! Might have a bit of a problem with the amount of maternity leave with you lot though!!!! lol x x
  • my physiotherapist advised me to roll up a small towel to put in the small of my back for when im sat down and it really does help me

    also lots of water / juice

    plenty of breaks and try moving about a bit too
  • Claire thats good.

    LOL. Emj
  • get a good cusions and a good chair, your empolyer should provide these. also you know your other post on back pain? this could be the reason you know.
  • My hunny suffers bad back problems(not preggers can assure you,LOL) and they suggested a lumber roll after he had surgery,maybe this would help rather than the rolled up towl.
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