back pains in pregnancy

Cant say i have but if it put you in that much pain hun go and see your Dr or if it happens again go to the hospital,no matter how silly you feel, you cant be to carefull.
Are you able to take pain killers.


  • I had bad lower back pain and also spd. see your midwife or gp if you are in bad pain as they can presribe other painkillers (ie. cocodamol(spelling) which is ok to take in pregnancy. Have you tried anything like pregnancy yoga or swimming?
  • could be a strained musscel or trapped nerve. i get alot of back pain, nothing to do with preg's, but preg's makes it worse.
    watch your self, if the pains that bad just ring nsh or hospital to ask for advise, it might be nothing but at least you'll get some advise.
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