Oh crumbs!!

Well, I've not seen the midwife yet...just a positive result to go by and today when i said i'd had a shock over the weekend a year 11 boy asked if i was pregnant. Plus a colleague mentioned that i was showing and wouldn't be able to hide it for much longer!!! I am only about 5 weeks gone!!!


  • oops Caroline, not another big baby!
  • Can you imagine a bigger baby!!!!

    Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hehe bless

    how big was bronwyn?
  • OMG Carolnie book that c section now!!!!!!

    Still, try and enjoy having a bump (before it gets too big AGAIN)!! I loved having a bump and showing it off!!!
  • Bronwyn was born at 40+1 claire weighing 11lb 12.5oz. She was estimated to be 12lb 10 which thankfully, wasn't correct. I was also carrying about 33% more water than the average pregnant woman!

    Tasha, i can see all hope of a natural delivery going right out of the window!!!! C section 2 here we come!!!
  • you do show so much quicker when they are close. But I just think you give off this sense about you. Everyone knew I was pregnant with Luka from my face aparently!!! Plus they do say each baby gets bigger! Tom was 7lb6oz, Tate 7lb 15oz and then Luka a whole pound heavier than tom 8lb 6oz so you will probably be looking at least a 12lb something!!! XX
  • Blimey Caroline, you have only just found out and yet someone has already noticed.
    Were you planning on keeping it quiet for as long as possible?

  • Took me ages to show, with both of mine! You are lucky!

    Are your clothes tight already Caroline?
  • i had my size 10 jeans on til 6wks before Tom was born! I was back in my maternity trousers at about 10/12 weeks with Luka. Theres a difference for you!!! X
  • oh crumbs!

    i thought robert was bad at 7 lbs 1 , took me 2 and half hours to push him out!
  • lol good job you are preg's isn't it.
    how you feeling?
  • uh oh caroline, you def wont be able to keep it secret for much longer.

    you do tend to show more quickly with the second, and i was convinced tara was going to be much bigger, but it was the absolute opposite. Niamh was 6lb 10 and tara was 6lb 4.

    im sure itll all go fine, just make sure you take care of yourself.

  • Never mind Caroline, as the girls have already said you show quicker with your second one and you never know the myth might be wrong and the baby might be smaller than Bronwyn!

    Did you tell the people at school who had guessed!
  • I wouldnt no as i only have the one but good luck with your bump caroline.xx
  • I am still in my maternity trousers from last time as i still have half a stone to lose!!! I was wearing them at 7 weeks with Bronwyn as my trousers were too tight.

    Kas, i hope that baby 2 is smaller than bronwyn. Even 6lb would make a difference, however my consultant warned me that I am likely to have a 12 pounder next!!!! I have a feeling that they will be keeping a close eye on me!

    I am ok Kristy, thanks! Off school today as i have a mega sore throat and stonking cold! Bronwyn has gone to nursery and i am watching jeremy kyle before going back to bed!!!
  • My friend has had 4 and they all got smaller so there is hope. Katelin was smaller too and she's my last.
    At least you know if #2 is big you have the option of a section.
  • Thanks Lucy!
    I think a bigger baby would be a nightmare for my poor back!!
    Maybe i should follow a US trend and start my post baby diet now!!!!
  • Caroline, yay for Jeremy Kyle, totally addicted when I am off. When I come home for lunch I watch the repeat.
  • Pauline, todays Jeremy wasn't great!!! I went back to bed!!!
  • Oh my goodness, Caroline!

    I'm scared now!
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