FAO Caroline

Hi Caroline, Congratulations to you and Gareth! Was Gareth a bit shocked! Bronwyn will love a little brother or sister. Have you told your family or are you waiting a bit? When does Gareth come home next?
Sorry for the late reply, I've just come back after being home for easter. My hubs home next week!
lol. xx


  • Thanks Marie!!
    Gareth knew, apparently I was displaying the same symptoms as last time. We weren't planning another baby for a few years but I believe in fate!!
    I have told my parents and gareth's mum, plus a few colleagues and friends! Gareth is due home in about 8 or 9 weeks, he is actually on his ship in the country but can't get home!
    I bet you are very excited about seeing your hubby!!! How long will he be home for? Maybe you'll be the next to post a pregnancy???
  • Hi Caroline, I bet everyone's over the moon! Shame Gareth is away, will he be back for your scan? Guess your'll have to look at double buggies? It will be lovely having 2 close together. By the time we decided hubs had loads of training then away. Hopefully I'm ovulating now on time so can kinda work things out. Here's hoping for good news! Roll on next week! He's home for 3 weeks then work for a week then off for 4 weeks. When are you due?
    lol. maire. x
  • Hiya Marie!
    I am going to manage with my lovely single pram. When I am by myself Bronwyn will sit on a seat and when I am out with other people she can use a stroller!!

    Not due till the beginning of December according to my dates. We think that Gareth will probably miss both scans, definitely the last one. I think they should scan me more as we had a few problems with Bronwyn.

    Got my fingers crossed for you!!
  • Oh carilone riley was born on the 8th dec,i loved having him for xmas.
  • Emma, i was born on December 24th! Mum's best Christmas ever, she tells me every year.
  • Tate was 28th December, he was due on new years eve xxx
  • We have a total of 11 birthdays over december and they are all family.
    The worst is:dad's is 20th, adis 21st, adis uncle 24th,my nan 26th and another of adis uncles 27th.
  • My little nephew was born on December 23rd last year and it really did make everyones christmas. How exciting!!! xxx
  • ohhhh a christmas baby would be lovely

    My older brother was born on Christmas eve - although my mum said it was fab but my aunts and nan said it was the more bizarre christmas as the christmas dinner just didnt get cooked lol think they officially celebrated christmas a week later when my mum got home from hospital!
  • Caroline a christmas baby would be lovely.

    My nephew was born on christmas day, he was late, but my sister had him in the hospital at 2am and was home by the afternoon. It was great and she now splits the day so its his birthday in the morning and christmas day in the afternoon.
  • We have enough going on at Christmas, besides I want smurfy to have his or her own birthday. Not having to share it with me, great-grandma or christmas day!!
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