bump - 18 weeks +3days

imback to being big again! and dont i feel it! an i love it, but still not feeling movement yet!



  • Wow you are getting bigger every week hun.Im sure it will start kicking soon and then you'll wonder why your ribs are getting a bashing.LOL
  • Wow that is a nice bump. I was smaller than that at 40 weeks, i am so jealous i would have loved a bigger bump.
  • Bump is growing, and this time you are smiling! You look really well.
  • your pregnancy seems to be flying by. your shaping up really nice to
  • thank you ladies

    kristy - i know doesnt seem like yesterday i got my positive lol i hope it keeps going as fast hehe

    minxy- the big1 on the left was taken @ my cousins weddding i was cheif bridesmaid at 28 weeks lol , the big one on the right is our venture pic, the 3 smallblack and white ones are our ones we had done on holiay to pontins

    mrs-h i thought of u when taking that pic i said to mart hed better get me smiling!

    welsh - a lady thought i was nearly fullterm on saturday :O i mentioned i was going out and she said dont go into labour , i didnt realise she thought i was so far lol!

    rileys mum - hehe i ws smaller at 16 weeks but i dont mind, imback to big bump an im loving it
  • Thats a fantastic bump and you look really well too
  • Bump is coming along well
  • Aww thanks hunnies

    apart from my poor hips and morning sickness i feel well
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