yay yay yay yay yay yay finally

i felt a movement

i just had an hours nap! hehe lucky me!
anyway when i woke up i was lying onmy side an then it came adefinete strong flutter :


  • aw bless i used to love feeling them move, watch out now!!! it will be attacking your ribs before you know it!
  • Yeah told you it wouldnt be long,like sarah says it will be playing on your ribs next.LOL
  • He he i remember my first movement with Hollie, since then she hasn't stopped moving. Even now her feet are always twitching and the only time she is still is when she is asleep. She was a right little wriggler and used to make my bump shift from one side to the other. xx
  • Riley was kicking like mad when i was in labour,it felt rather weird with that and contractions.
  • Excellent Claire. Great feeling!
  • Emma i dont remember Hollie moving during labour at all. It was weird that she was quiet then.
  • Ahh that's great you've felt the baby move!
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