Give her plenty of attention and make her feel beautiful. Don't know how preg she is, but in a short time you wil have a lovely baby to admire. Best of luck to you both.


  • Like Mrs H said give her lots of love and attention and make her feel beautiful!!
    Make sure she has comfortable clothes to wear (new look do a great affordable range of maternity clothes) and also a good well fitting bra is very important.
    Good luck and soon you'll have a gorgeous baby!!
  • I need not tell you as the pauine and tasha have said it all realy.Good luck with the new arrival.
  • Just remember the more effort you put in the more reward you'll get back, she'll remember her preg months forever!
  • cope with what? sex putting on shoes etc? or just moving arond lol
    how far on is she? there's loads of things you can't do when you feel that huge, i can't tie my laces, so i got my self some nice flip flops, shame about the weather thou
    i can't shave my ladys bits, so got my hubby to do it, but he shaved me bald, i sergest you don't do that, i'm not amused by it at all nor do i think it looks better that way!
    the little things that are a help, put up the cot, i had to do this cos hubbys a lazy sod. get the shopping in, hard i know but your mum will help you and if your quick you can do it in a hour.
    oh and lie to her, my fav lie my hubby tell's me is..... "oh your all bump, you've not put on any weight any where else" and i also like the "you ass is still sexy" we know were a little bigger, we don't need you guys to point it out, we need you to lie to us and say were not.
    good luck anyway.
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