Im getting a bit worried as my af has not come yet, i finished my packet of pills on saturday and i normaly come on a day after, i had very slight spotting for a couple of hours and that is it!
I did have a slight bleed in the middle of the month, am to nervous to do a test!


  • Oooooh Simone, are you joining my big belly club???
  • Im not ready for another one just yet, saying that it would be nice for Jessica to have a sister/brother.
    Im prop worrying about nothing, it had better come soon as i start taking the pill again on saturday.
  • I wasn't ready for another one just yet either!!! And according to all the bumpf you are supposed to wait 2 years after having a C section!! OOOOOPS!!!! I believe in fate, so whatever is meant to be is meant to be!!!
  • Thats true Caroline, i wouldn't be really upset if i was.
  • Ooooh Simone! I think it would be a good idea to do a test and know one way or another! Gillan and i weren't planning another when i fell pregnantwith Amber and i was slightly in denial, by the time i did the test i had full blown morning sickness!!!!

    It's probably nothing to worry about, keep us posted though
  • Oh Simone, are you going to do a test?

    You'll have to keep us posted!!!
  • If it does not come tomorrow, i will do one tomorrow night! We could have our first cyber pregnancy test!lol
  • Not tomorrow night! I won't be around!!!!
  • Oh yeah that would be great simone!!! hehe
    Caroline i'd text you simones result!!!!
  • pm me your mobile number(only if you don't mind) and i can text you.
  • Not sure if i'll be on tomorrow night, i'll have to try and sneak on!!
  • I have cramps now!
  • Painkillers and a warm bath.......oooh could be implantation cramps or period pain............
  • Oohh Simone. Hope you get the result you really want.
    Keep us posted.
  • Hi Simone
    I've had that,i finish my pill on a sunday and always came on on the wed but last year it didnt turn up till the thursday,its been the same ever since,i do no that missing one is not usually a problem.
    Well hoping you get the answer you would like.
  • No AF yet, but i do feel like i am going to come on today.
  • i thought i had come on last night as there was slight spotting again, but nothing again today.
  • Let us know what happens Simone!!!
  • You no it will be sods law you end up doing a test,it come up neg and then you come on.
  • Have done a test and it was a BFN, Af has still not come, so i think my body has just got a bit confused this month.
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