Any good stretchmark remedies you know of?!

Hi there - I'm writing a piece to go in Practical Parenting magazine about the remedies we all swear by during pregnancy to help our bodies retain (and regain!) their gorgeousness after the birth. If anyone has any tips/excellent product recommendations/remedies for the likes of stretchmarks, varicose veins, skin moisturisers, or any other tips you fancy sharing with PP readers, eg things that you used while pregnant (or are using still!) I'd love to hear back from you... I'll need to include a pic of you with your baby/babies if it goes in the magazine... just email me your contributions to [email protected] Thank you!!
Sarah x


  • so would i lol
    i tried every cream under the sun when i was pregnant with my 1st, bio oil, coco butter every thing. i put it on twice a day, some times 3. i still got stretch marks! all over, down my legs. there bad!
    want some advise? don't eat cake's all day, you will regret it, when your sitting there 4 stone heavyer and thinking you'll be able to lose it, your wrong. once that babys born and you see whats past that bump you'll feel pap.
    i try so hard in this pregnancy not to eat rubbish all the time, it's so so so hard mind.
    but not eating rubbish is what will help you in the end, you'll lose weight quicker, you won't stretch as much and you'll feel better.
  • I think it is just your skin kristy you will either get them or you won't. I used avent oil and bio oil for all my three pregnancies twice a day. But even when not pregnant I moisturised like mad (not now no time) as had bad skin when I was younger so was into looking after it. I didn't get any stretchmarks apart from a tiny one on my belly in this last pregnancies, I think it is just luck and your skin which saves you!
  • Well my skin not up to much then, i'm covered all over my belly and some down my legs, my belly looks like an AA road map, we don't need a sat nav just whip my belly out!!
  • I have got the most amazing stretchmarks, they go in a circle round my belly button. I love them!!! I used bio oil, expensive body lotion and all sorts of creams which had no effect what so ever!

    Nicola, i think you are right! its all down to luck!!
  • Thanks everyone... from having done a bit of research today and speaking to my experts it does just seem to come down to keeping skin as moisturised as possible – and then hoping that it has the necessary 'stretch' in it to accommodate a growing bump without too much complaint!
    I used oils and various creams with my daughter - and thought I'd been so lucky until two days after the birth my husband kindly pointed out a nice purple 'traintrack' running just above my bikini line!
  • Forgot to add on my post!... Nicola, how would you feel about sharing your quote with PP readers in the magazine?
    Let me know what you reckon... my best email is [email protected]
    Would be great to be able to include your experience in the PP magazine.. Do let me know!
  • I used to smoother myself in bio oil and coco butter, i did really well and had no stretch marks untill a few weeks before giving birth, then i only got a few on the tops of my legs and tummy
  • Hi Sarah, thats fine, thanks! I have emailed you xx
  • Same here if you find one let me no.LOL

    Kaylee, where abouts in the country are you hun.
  • it's all to do with how you eat as well. making sure you eat salom, nuts, seeds and foods high in vitiam e. even just rubbing olive oil on your tummy will do the trick, tbh olive oil is better than baby oil as it soaks in to your skin.
    the thing is genetics play the biggest part.
  • Well they do say if your mother had them then you are more than likely to get them due to the elasticity in skin.
  • I got mine right at the end, was so pleased cos thought i'd got away with it but they came overnight
  • I was sooo lucky with my first, not a one, and with my second no red stretch marks but my skin is a little crepey, but is improving every day. I used a combination of Clarin's Toning Oil and Bio-Oil at least twice a day every day from the day I found out I was pregnant and it did pay off. I think I would have marked quite badly had I not used the oils, considering that I was left with a four inch gap between my stomach muscles afterwards!
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