back pain

Sorry to hear you are suffering, im afraid i never has that, but i would advice you to speak to the doctor xx


  • Hi Sally, I had exactly the same in my lower back in all my pregnancies. I went to see a lovely aromatherapist and she used to give me a great massage. I would sit back to front on a chair and lean over the bed and she would do my back, it was amazing so comforting and made me feel so much better.

    Have you got any pain in your pelvis though? As I had this too and was in agony walking this is symphis pubis dysfunction v.v.painful but can be treated by physio or helped by wearing a supportive belt. Your midwife should be able to help you if this is what you had. If its just your back though hopefully the massage will help, I also found swimming was lovely, great to feel weightless and did help to ease my aches and pains.
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