Can this be real or am i imagining it?

I am driving myself mad!!! I keep feeling the faintest of vibrating feelings in the right side of my belly. It's happened 3 times this week, am I getting ahead of myself or is it possible that this is smurfy???

I felt Bronwyn at 13 weeks!


  • hmm i felt robert at 13 weeks too

    but this time i didnt get anyting til 19 weeks

    are u defo sure it isnt wind? cause i knew alot of the "feelings" i was getting was wind until iknew i had a definete swish from baby

    cause dontforget smurfy is only a little blob still, so its highly unlikely to be baby just yet ,
  • No Claire, its definitely not wind!!!

    If this makes sense it feels almost as if its in the area of my right ovary. Its very strange!!
  • omg baby no.2 is growing rapidly already by the sound of it!!! XXX
  • hmm, the ovaries are still in charge of keeping the pregnancy going so cud be hormone release?

    baby at 8 weeks looks liek this

    so in all that fluid its in, its highly unlikely its movement yet hun

    i remember iwas getting pains at 6 weeks i thought miscarraige or eptopic and they told me the ovaries are active until 12 weeks when the placenta takes over hormone production which is waht my pain must have been from my ovairs
  • Claire, I have already had 1 pregnancy. I think I know what to expect from my own body and what my little Smurfy looks like!!

    And, I have been told (by a health professional) that yes it is possible!
  • Caroline that is so exciting, i too felt Hollie early on. I think i felt her at about 11 weeks just before my scan once, then a few weeks later i felt her again. People told me i was imagining it but it was the strangest feeling like you say.

    Have you had your scan date through yet?
  • Thats great Caroline, it must be so lovely to feel movement so early xx
  • Thanks Karen and Simone!

    I mentioned the fluttering to Tasha earlier on in the week. I thought it was just me going mad, but since then it happened again so I had a word with a school nurse (who is a fully trained nurse) and she said that yes it was possible and that she had felt hers move early too!!

    Its very reassuring!! I guess I must be very lucky!!!
  • Caroline, i think you know you're own body so if you feel it's the baby then it most probably is
    I felt amber move at 11 weeks and not a flutter but a whacknig great movement, i was carrying ethan at the time and nearly dropped him!!! I felt her again that evening but then not until 18 weeks!!!

    I think she must have turned over or another big movement whilst she had the room and then i didn't feel anything until she was big enough to give me a good kick!!!

    Keep us informed, it's so exciting!!
  • you are very lucky caroline!! i wish id felt things early. i think i was about 18 weeks with niamh and about 14-16 with tara.

    enjoy them. its brilliant feeling those little movements!!

    kas xx
  • Thanks Tasha!

    Its good to know that other people have felt their babies move and are as lucky as me!!! I know some people aren't so lucky
  • Thanks Kas, one movement actually happened in a lesson and i jumped as i was talking and obviously not expecting anything so soon!!!
  • hehe, its a good job your students do know about the pregnancy now, otherwise theyd have certainly started questioning it.
  • Maybe you've got 2 little smurfys in there fighting for room??!!!
  • oooooooooooo good point tasha, so are we going to take the poll again about how many smurfys carolines carrying?? lol
  • I loved feeling movements but wasn't sure for ages if thats what it was, hope i feel them sooner this time. It's great you can feel things, lots of room in there to do sommersaults!!!
  • Wow Caroline that's great. I'm not surprised, with your history of having a big baby smurfy will be bigger than the average as well. Like the other's have said you know your body and you have had a pregnancy before, so it must be real.

    Hope you are feeling ok.
  • Oh that sounds rather nice,riley was a late and lazy starter as i didnt feel him till after 18weeks.They do say with seconds and so on you feel them more early.

    Caroline it must be very reassuring that smurfy is in there giving your insides a good go at.
  • Oh that's a point Zoe, Smurfys probably bigger than the average baby!!!
  • Has anyone seen the papers today, naturally conceived identical triplet girls??

    I am gonna beat that! Its quads!!!
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