All my normal clothes are........................................

feeling a bit tight around tum. My maternity clothes look massive, but i actually wore them in the last few months of my last pregnancy! I didn't show till around 4 months with Jake. Hubs thinks I'm showing but I don't think so. Do you thinks it a bit too early to show as I'm just over 5 weeks. My tum just looks really bloated!
lol. x


  • Oooh maybe you should take a pic of your tum and we'll see? I'm so jealous as i loved my big preggers belly! Can't advise on whether its too early to be showing as i've only had the 1 sorry x x
  • What are normal clothes????? I haven't worn normal clothes since Feb 07!!!!!!

    I was showing at 5 weeks, mind you I have had a child in the last 8 months!!!!
  • Marie you do show much quicker with subsequent pregnancies. Im sure I read something about bloating in the early weeks due to increase in blood/water not sure if that is correct but im sure I read something somewhere???!! Anyone back me up or tell me im stupid!!
  • Yes i read that somewhere!
    Caroline i'm with you on the clothes i'm still in my maternity stuff and not showing any signs of getting in my old stuff
  • God i wish i was preggers reading all these,im well bloated and currently got af,im on the pill 2mths at a time(Dr's orders)people look at me and i no they wanna ask when its due,but as soon as my week is over it will go down but not much.
  • This is the best shot i can get at the mo.


    No ladies im not preggers im just megga bloated.
  • I'm never going back to normal jeans - maternity ones are sooooooo comfortable!

  • Becs it is for the first few days till it eases of but after that i feel fine just a few cramps.Im on the pill like this as i was treated for endometrosis,ive had the op and they couldnt find anything which was good but still unsure why i got such bad pain(one of thoes things i suppose)
    Im now on a good diet and on some tabs to help that to so hopefully that will help me shift some weight then we can think of baby no2(if Dr is happy with that)later this year.
  • I've got endometriosis, i used to get awful pain and it even hurt when i wee'd, so bad i couldn't stand up for a few mins til pain had gone. Thats why it took so long to get pregnant. Don't know that much about it really, didn't get chance to research it
  • my friend has v.bad endometriosis, she has tried so long to become pregnant she has had so many failed IVF attempts, it really is sad as she's tried everything even chinese medicine and acupuncture (for her and hubby!)
  • I know tho mine wasn't so severe but still stopped me getting pregnant. Hope she gets there soon x
  • I can understand the pain,its because the blood gets out(so to speak)and sticks to your other organs and when you have your period it cant shed anywhere hence the pain.
    Altho i had the surgery and was told i was clear i still take the pill 2mth at a time as the guynie Dr said if there was any they didnt see it would halp to heal the scaring.

    I have been told the only way to get rid is by pregnancy(Yeah right like you other say, thats the tough part)but i would worry so much that they were going to tell me it was so bad that i would need a hystorectomy.
    Like you say becs thats why our kids are so precious.
  • Poor you Emma.
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