if anyone stll cares enough, my 22 week bump


  • That is a very impressive bump Claire, hope you are feeling ok xx
  • My goodness Claire, that is very impressive. I hope you are ok and coping with the warm weather.

    Zoe xx
  • Wow yu're te size i was when i had bot hmy 2!! I hope youre well and managing to enjoy your bump in this weather x
  • What a fantasic bump!!!! It looks great and yes i'm very jealous..... hope you doing ok x x
  • cheers ladies

    i m not really coping, im going through a box of ice lollies a day rofl

    the heat in the night keeps me awake too, plus the pgp us so sore atm too
  • That's a great bump Claire!

    I'm getting a bit concerned about my bump - everyone keeps saying "you're not very big" which is not very reassuring.

    I can't wait for my scan just to check that everything is OK.

  • That is an impressive bump claire, i wasnt that big when i was 10 days over with Hollie. I so wanted a bigger bump.

    Sally, dont worry about what people say, everyone seems to know everything when you are pregnant. And people put different amount of weight on, some dont gain much at all others are very obviously pregnant. It all depends on the person. As long as the midwife is happy with you that is all that counts.
    when is your scan?
  • Thanks Karen. My scan is on the 23rd of May (2 weeks tomorrow).

    I have only just got back to the weight I was when I conceived due to all my sickness.

  • Wow Claire thats coming along nicely,had been thinking you hadent posted one for a while.
  • Wow Claire,
    That truly is impressive. Nice and round too.
    Cant believe you are over half way there already. It seems to have gone very quick, though I'm sure you dont feel like that.

    Hope you are keeping well, and that Robert is well too x
  • lucyanne - it does feel fast to me, which in 1 way its great, but then i'll prob give birth and realise its gone too fast and want another one pmsl
  • Yep you probably will, Claire. LOL.
    Nothing wrong with that though, I have 3 and its fab. (honest)
  • Hi Claire, your bump is coming on nicely and as one of the ladies said nice and round.

    Sally - don't worry people used to say the same to me, everyone is different.
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