Pregnancy parking space

Today at school I asked staff not to park too close to my car as I have had climb over the passenger seat to get into the driving seat on a few occasions. The head offered to put in a special "pregnant woman" parking bay which would be extra wide!!!!! On a serious note, people are now going to watch where they park!

And I got told off for climbing over and not demanding that the person move their car!!!!


  • I think its something that people should have done in the first place.
    How is bump(smurfy) coming on.
  • Smurfy is a lively little bundle, beginning to worry and hope that there's not 2 in there!!!
  • That's good Caroline. At least some members of staff are looking after you.

  • I miss all the kicks and butterfly feelings.
    Im sure its the one and you will no soon enough i suppose.
  • Most of the staff are really good with me. The only problem is that I am watched constantly and made to sit down, put my feet up and have people fuss over me!!!

    My Classroom assistant is fab but won't let me do anything! She insists on doing just about everything for me! She is a real star!!!
  • Thats nice to hear caroline,shes like you pa then.
  • She is an angel! She is moving stuff for me, handing out books etc!!!

    She even took my lesson whilst I dashed back and forth to the toilet on Tuesday!!! She is fab, I am going to buy her a pressie!!!
  • Thats nice of you,im sure she will be very happy.
  • how nice Caroline that some of your colleagues are treating you as you should be. its a special time, so you are special! XXX
  • Thats great your getting treated nicely, thats how it should be!!
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