Update pic as requested

I have no idea how my family didn't spot this over the weekend!!!



  • Either do I!!!

    That is some bump.
  • OMG I'm surprised also - that is some bump!!

    I'm so excited to see how big it gets towards the end
  • I have an abnormal shaped bump!!!

    Where as most people have cutsie little football shaped bumps, mine seems to start at my chin and go down to my legs!!!!!

    I dread to think what I will look like in 4 months time let alone 7 months!!
  • Caroline great bump! I can't believe it!! I think your family must have wondered don't you?
  • Looking at my bump I think I need to let the elastic out on the skirt!!!!

    If my family had thought I was pregnant they would have asked, although mum said that they might ring her to enquire!!!
  • Thanks, but an abnormal shape! I am dreading the last few months!!! What I need is an imaginative inventor who can improvise and make me a mobile scaffold using a zimmer frame! That way my poor back won't suffer quite so much!!!
  • wow fab bump.
  • Great bump Caroline, definitly don't know how your family did not guess!
  • My god Caroline!! thats fab bump
    how did they not guess??! xxx
  • Caroline, wowee!!!!! Boy are you growing!
  • Ooooh what a fab bump! Looking forward to seeing how big it'l get x
  • Strangley, Gareth doesn't think that I look pregnant either!!! But, I bumped into my best mate again yesterday and she said that on the day i told them that i was pregnant her and her hubby had been watching me get bronwyn out of the car and had commented that my belly looked different!!!!

    I am desperately hoping for a natural delivery with a normal sized baby. Not really got much chance have I??
  • Wow great bump Caroline. I bet your family do have their suspicions and might well ring your mum to ask.
  • Wow thats a cool bump caroline,bet you cant wait for that scan.
  • At the minute I wouldn't be surprised to hear that there is more than one smurfy kicking about in there! However, fingers crossed that its only 1!!!!!
  • Ohhh!!
    When is your scan date,did you keep the one they originally gave you.
  • I had to keep it!
    The next date they could offer me is 20th June by which point i will be 16 weeks and its a little late for a dating scan.
    I am still considering a private scan but don't really want a 4d one as they freak me out!
  • I think id be the same with a 4d,i would love to have one but it would be weird.

    Good luck with your scan then.Cant wait to hear how far gone you are and like you say hopefully just the one.
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