omfg braxton hick

i had a bh today and it blew me off my feet

it was so hard andpainful i had to lie downtil it finished

it lasted 8 minutes then followed by another one,

it worried me a little but im all ok now


  • i'm not jealous! never got that far with isabel but have heard many stories about how nasty they can be!! all calmed down now then?
  • I agree, i'm not sure they should be that bad?!! xxx
  • i had one ast week which left me tender,
    then the 2 today

    ive had nothing again since and baby is moving great

    ifi get any more i'll defo inform mw
  • Hi Claire. If you are really worried you can go straight to Casualty. There is a great ante-natal day unit at my hospital where you can go as a drop-in if you are seriously worried - does yours have one that you can use if you can't reach your MW?
  • no nicolette, if we need to get seen here we have to go to delivery unit if its an emergency
    and tbh i feel fine today so will just leave it now cause o dontwant to take a miwife away from a lady inlabour if u get what i mean just to be checked over
  • Hi Claire,

    You should definately get checked out if it happens again.
    Dont worry about taking up a MW's time. You and your baby are just as important.
    I did'nt have them till 2 weeks before I had Katelin and even then I'm not 100% sure it was them or latent labour, so not sure what they are meant to feel like, but that does sound wierd!
    Hope you are ok today. Its probably just some really big somersaults that baby is doing.
  • Hun hope they ease off abit,like the girls say if you ae worried go and get checked.
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