For the last couple of weeks I've had some really funny pains 'down there' and for the last two days I've felt pretty crippled.

I'd put it down to just 'being pregnant' but after a little googling I think it may be SPD.

It really hurts when I turn over in bed or try to get out of bed or stand up. Putting knickers and trousers on is painful and this morning I vacuumed and swept the floors any found it almost impossible.

I've just had a bath and although I spent most of the time worrying about whether I'd be able to get out again it has eased it a bit.

Have you suffered? What did you do to relieve the symptoms?

Help me!



  • Hi sally, i suffered too and towards the end it got quite bad, the only advice i can offer is keep your knees together when turning over in bed or getting in and out of cars as this helps keep things stable. My pelvis used to pop and click too. I used to sleep with a pillow between my knees as found this helped as well. You can also get a special support belt if things are too bad, hope that helps x
  • My spd was confirmed so late that by the time i was referred to physio I was about to give birth. So do ask your midwife Sally asap (don't wait for next apt!) as your bump is obviously going to get alot better, I would suggest a support belt as it will help and also help support your back. Take things easy, don't try and be superwoman just look after yourself (i know its frustrating but I found mine got alot worse after i'd done too much).
  • Sally, poor you!!!
    You have really suffered so far with this pregnancy. I know its a corny old cliche, but it will be worth it!!! I guess you may be throwing this back in my face when you are having sleepless nights! lol!!

    I would see the midwife ASAP. Let us know how you get on!!
  • Sally,

    Get as much help with the SPD as possible. My pelvis and ribs ached as I carried the twins and that was without SPD.

    Thing was that I'd got Jack in my ribcage and Nina took up everything else, Nina was head down from 20 weeks, she kicked up into my ribs and jack kicked down to my hip bones. They also tended to 'fight' with each other, but Jack came off worse than Nina, he has a stork mark still in the middle of his forehead to show for it.

    I wore a maternity support belt as much as possible, but nothing other than rest helpt after 25 weeks. Luckily Milly was still having 2 naps a day so I didnt feel too bad about going to bed too.

    Push for the help, your gonna need to reserve as much of your strength for when they arrive.

  • Thanks for your great advice girls.

    Sally, it is really interesting to hear about your pregnancy with twins.

    Thanks to Caroline and Mel for making me chuckle.

    I've been doing all the things you've advised and they are all helping. It doesn't hurt if I'm sat, lying or standing still but if I try to move from any other these positions to the other it's agony. I really needed a wee yesterday and was in tears because I couldn't face standing up. (I did make it though, I didn't just sit there in a puddle - but it may come to that! )

    I've just left a message for the midwife to give me a call when she gets to the surgery but I'm not sure if I'll be able to see her today.

    I found a spd support belt on ebay which was £40 with P&P. I don't mind spending that if it helps but I'd rather take advice from her about whether it's the right one before I buy it.

    I really don't think that being pregnant suits me at all! I'm glad it's twins so that hopefully I won't go through it again. Lol.
  • Sally I think you can get support belts for less than that? Anyway, hope your midwife can see you and at least give you some advice. Take care xxx
  • I have spoken to my midwife who confirmed that it sounded like spd. She told me that there was nothing she could do and that I should ask at the hospital on Friday (when I go for my scan) if I can also be seen for this.

    I've just phoned the hospital to try and get the ball rolling a bit quicker but the midwife just snapped and said "it's a bit early to be suffering with that".

    She said that she couldn't refer me to physio without seeing me and that there were no clinics on Friday either so I wouldn't be seen about it then but I could "collect some more information and phone numbers".

    I told her that I'd just have to keep walking round with the help of all my furniture and walls until I can get something sorted. She didn't seem to pick up on the sarcasm and urgency in my voice.

    What an absolute farce! I'm sure that this pregnancy wouldn't have been half as unbearable if I'd just had a little bit of help from the medical 'professionals'. I just hope that the delivery staff are slightly more caring and better at their jobs!

  • Sorry to hear you are having such a tough time sally. I hope something gets done soon to help ease your pain. And i cant believe the way the medical staff have been treating you. Hope you get something sorted out, and good luck for your scan friday xxx
  • Good luck for friday and make sure you give them what for, its unacceptable to treat you like that, you shouldn't have to suffer. Hope you can get something sorted soon
  • Try looking on blooming marvellous and babies r us sites etc as there are support belts on there for £12 or less, not sure if they are the right sort but worth a look x
  • Sally thats disgusting they spoke to you like that. Unfortunately I think that this is typical of nhs care as they are so overstretched. The only way is to make a nuisance of yourself it is not right that you are in this pain. I had it myself and it was agony, especially lifting tate used to make me cry! I can remember getting stuck in sainsburys one day and couldn't walk any further, I burst into tears but made it home hobbling along slumped over the pushchair with tom helping me!!! I was finally diagnosed at 36 weeks but was told it was too late to refer me and the baby will be early anyway???!! A month like that was almost too much too bear. So keep on and make sure they make you an apt when you go on Friday. Get your hubby to kick up a fuss if you don't feel up to it!!!
  • I took your advice Nicola and made a nuisance of myself. Well actually Owen did because he came home to find me in tears - partly pain and partly self-pity!

    The outcome is that I'm seeing a consultant tomorrow when I go for my scan (even though I was told that that simply wasn't possible) who can then refer me for physio.

    I realise that hopsitals are busy and don't expect to be treated straight away but I just need to know that I'm at least somewhere in the system!

    Thanks again girls, you're all very kind, helpful and supportive. It helps to come on here when nobody else seems to be listening.

  • Im so pleased they are seeing you Sally, glad my advice paid off!
  • Sally, keep on at them!

    With Bronwyn my legs swelled up beyond belief and I was measuring at least 4 weeks bigger than i should have been, I was referred back and forth to the consultant. He just kept saying that big babies are healthy babies!!!

    It took me being unable to walk before they accepted that I had a problem in my legs. I was scanned for DVT 4 times, nothing was found. Eventually I was diagnised with an "infection" in a vein in my thigh and had to self inject blood thinning drugs (i cheated and the midwife popped in every day and did it!!). Even after having Bronwyn i had to have the injections!

    This time if, god forbid, anything like this happens I will make sure that they take me seriously!!!
  • Thats excellent news sally! Pleased you are getting some help with this. let us know how you get on x
  • Caroline, that sounds terrible. I hope you don't suffer again with it.

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