I am having a nightmare! I have been throwing up since 9 last night. I am really thirsty but everytime i drink anything, even plain water it come straight back up within the hour!

I have got a really painful belly ache too! Its driving me mad!!!

Going to ring the midwife later, i don't think she's be happy with a 4am wake up call!!!


  • oh Caroline, hope you are feeling better, I think it may just be morning sickness, I would wake in the middle of the night with it,I had it 24hrs. horrible, hope you are ok, keep sipping water if you can. Take care xxx
  • Thanks Nicola,
    I don't think its morning sickness as I have had a really bad stomach. Without giving TMI I have been attached to the loo half the night and being sick into a bucket at the same time!! I was also frozen and shivering all night, even under the duvet and wearing my fleece dressing gown!!

    Bronwyn managed to sleep through, god knows how as I am not a good patient!! She has gone to nursery, I have rung in sick and am about to go back to bed! Just having some lucozade as I was getting really shaky!
  • oh Caroline, you've had a bit of this so far haven't you, I feel for you as its hard on your own when you feel rough. Hope a day in bed and some water will help not good. At least you managed to get bronwyn to nursery so you can rest now. Take care xxxx
  • flat lemonade (full sugar variety) is excellent for calming the stomache, i give it the kids n it works a treat, and tastes ok!
  • Oh no, thats awful. Hope you are feeling a little better by now, must be a tummy upset. Let us know how you are later x x
  • Hi Caroline,do you no if any of the kids at school have had the bug as you may have picked it up.

    Wish you better soon,have a nice sleep.
  • Thanks for your support ladies!! The lucozade is staying down, which is good! I need to pop to the post office later and to get some food, not that i really feel like eating so I will also grab some lemonade.

    Its sunny out but i am shivering with the heating on, just going for a hot bath to try and warm up! I have tried to ring the midwife but am getting no reponse!!

    I really hate being ill so I am getting more and more irritated!
  • Hi Caroline it sounds like a tummy bug i had a couple of months back exactly the same symptoms it cleared up within 48 hours and i found the only thing i could keep down was rich tea biscuits. Hope you feel better soon sweetie
  • I have finally managed to get through to a midwife who has told me to have 2 days off work, drink cold boiled water (yeuch) and not to eat anything for 24 hours!!!

    I am very emotional and am just sitting crying!
  • Oh poor you Caroline, i hope you feel better soon. Sounds like you are having a really rough time. Try and rest as much as you can whilst Bronwyn is at nursery xxx
  • Sending you a big hug Caroline and really hope you feel better soon xx
  • How you feeling now? Hopefully a little better

    My little brother has been really ill for about 4 days - so hope it clears up soon

    Sending Hugs x
  • Caroline hope you feel better soon sending you big hugs
  • Thanks again ladies!
    I am feeling slightly more perky now! I am still staying off work tomorrow as i need to wait until i am eating properly before i attempt to do any teaching!!

    I can only imagine how it feels to have morning sickness. I guess its just the nausea rather than the mega stomach cramps that i have been getting! Anyone who goes through morning sickness has my biggest sympathy.
  • Of all the days for Bronwyn to play up at bedtime, tonight wasn't a good one!

    She is usually pretty good at going to bed! Not tonight! An hour later, medised, milk, water!!!! And stress for me!
  • Hope you are feeling better Caroline x
  • oh caroline.... so sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. i remember very well those horrible pregnancy days but just take a look at bronwyn and think that it'll all be over soon and you'll have another bundle of joy :-)
  • Thanks for your support ladies! I am feeling much better thank you!!

    I was in bed as soon as Bronwyn had settled and managed about 8 hours sleep! I feel much more human today, still just on fluids but I am going to try eating bland foods later on. Going to have today off work too just to make sure I am back to full strength!

    Thankfully Bronwyn doesn't appear to have caught the bug!! Touch wood!!

    Lovely picture of Seif Samiha!!
    It's good to see you back! I've missed you!!
  • Caroline,

    I'm glad you had a better night last night. I hope your not feeling to achey today.

    Take care, xx
  • glad you are on the mend Caroline, good idea have today off too and chat to us!!!

    Samiha, I was wondering where you were!! Great to hear from you and see seif!
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