I know I am obsessed but HELP!!

I'm still trying to lose my baby weight and my daughter has just turned 2.


  • i put on more weight with each child, my belly looked like a road map with my first but i only got a few with my 3rd (probably because josh had done all the damage!), as for going into labour i tried EVERYTHING! raspberry leaf capsules, currys, sex, walking, trampolining (until the midwife told me off!), pineapple and more, did any of it work? did it heck, i went a week over my due date!
  • I have lost all my baby weight and more solely through breastfeeding. I absolutely hate it, i am skinnier now than i was before being pregnant and i cant wait to stop feeding and get some curves back.

    With regards to going into labour early, i think unfortunately you will just have to wait until bubs is ready. I tried everything and Hollie eventually arrived 10 days late. I was booked into be induced 2 days later so glad she arrived before then. Raspberry leaf tea is supposed to be good, but i havent tried it. It is also supposed to be good in the sense it helps lessen labour pains.

    Why do you want to deliver at 38 weeks? xx
  • Hi i'm afraid i can't offer any help as i still have my baby weight firmly in place!! Also i tried lots of different things to get labour started but i went week over so i think baby will only come out when they are ready. Good luck x
  • I am 5ft 3 and was 5ft 3 around my tummy at full term! It will make little difference about your height and stuff, the consultants will only induce you or give you a c section if you really need it. We asked to be induced at 38 weeks as a) i knew gareth would be home at that point and b) i was measuring 47 weeks pregnant!

    I am afraid that you just have to let nature take its course.

    Trying to lose lots of weight as soon as you have given birth will just make you ill. You need to give your body chance to recover before you try and lose weight, I know of someone who ended up in hospital for a few weeks after they did a strict diet after the birth of her son!!
  • At one point I actually measured 49 weeks!!! But as Bronwyn wouldn't sit still the midwife couldn't get an accurate reading!

    I am dreading the last few months, but at least this year it will be cooler rather than over the summer!
  • I think alot of it depends on your age the size you were before pg and how hard you are prepared to work after the birth!!! Some people it does just fall naturally off (I was v.skinny after Tom but struggled after having Tate and even more so Luka) You will be exhausted in the first few weeks, sorry but its true so the last thing you should be doing is dieting particularly if you plan to breastfeed. As they say takes 9 months to grow a baby and 9 months to lose!!

    As for going into labour again I just think the baby comes when ready I had late, early, late with my three so they are all different!

    Good luck!
  • Before I fell pregnant with Daniel I weighed 7 and a half st.
    By the time I gave birth I weighed 13 st.
    I lost most of it very quickly but hung onto a bit as I was a bit weedy before and was happy staying at 9 st.
    I struggled to lose it after Aaron. (I put on 4and a half st with him). even though I was getting more exercise.
    With Katelin I'm dieting to shift the weight as it did'nt come off naturally with exercise.
    I was'nt bothered till now though and I want to shift it before my holiday so that I dont look like an elephant next to my twigglet friend.
  • ive been going to weight watchers and ive lost 2 stone. i also walk millie and the dog for at least half an hour every day. my stretch marks are terrible they cover my whole stomach my partner calls them tiger stripes hee hee
  • Hi all
    I was 11 1/2 st when i fell with riley and shot up to 17st the day before he came.Im doing wel with weight loss to.

    Getting back to babies and bellies hubby had agreed that we can start trying nxt year,his mostly looking forward to my dough belly,even said he like a little more of it as it feels real nice,thought that was very nice of him to say so now i dont feel so frumpy.
    The only thing id worry about is boob size,i was a nice B cup then shot up to an E cup while preggers and F cup feeding, now down to a D cup at the mo.
  • Paula, how do you find weightwatchers? I went 10yrs ago and did the points plan but plan to go again joining next week. I want to lose between 2-3 stone I think (not sure as havent weighed myself properly in years, I go by clothes size instead!)
  • Try to take it easy and not rush with the loosing weight afterwards, stay healthy and enjoy your baby. As for the labour starting early, if you can leave it till due date do, but things like pineapple, hot spicy food and sex are all supposed to help.
  • i find weight watchers brilliant i have just been weighed tonight and have lost another 5 pounds thats 23 1/2 pound altogether now just another 3 stone to go! x x
  • wow well done Paula that is fab! im looking forward to joining I need something like that to keep me on the straight and narrow!!
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